The Pack Attack.

by katelin on April 22, 2013

Weekends are my best friend. They really are. However the weekend before a move is like the most hectic, crazy and disorderly kind of weekend there could be. Also, there is only so much you can pack?

Friday: After a particularly trying day on my emotions I was happy to spend the evening with our friends out to dinner. I ate like an adult (although I was judged for my tofu order) and we had drinks and caught up and laughed and just, I love good friends.

Saturday: Spent most of my morning packing up our apartment and watching more Friday Night Lights (I’m two episodes away from the series finale, I can’t even talk about it right now). Basically I was all emotions. I was crying watching FNL, I was amazed by how much stuff we had, I was impressed with my Jenga-like skills of packing and I sad to see our walls without pictures.

Eventually Matt got back from work and we went to our friends house for dinner and board games. It was so fun to visit with them and their daughters (babies! so cute!) and just catch up and relax.

Sunday: Started off my morning with a walk through the neighborhood where I found my favorite tree.


Seriously, how pretty is Spring in Pasadena? Even if it was 85 it was still lovely. The rest of the day was spent with even more packing. Four and a half years definitely shows, we HAVE SO MUCH STUFF. Luckily I’ve gotten really good at letting things go but man, JUST SO MANY THINGS.

Eventually we took a packing break to go see 42 with my family. It was pretty good overall and nice to spend some time with my brothers and my parents. After the movie we had dinner together and just, it was nice.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and visualizing packing, ha. Oh goodness, bear with me, this is going to be one hell of a week. Want to come over and pack for us? Or someone to just say “Hey I’ll help you move for free.”┬áPlease oh please.


And how was your weekend? Did you see 42? Is it Springtime lovely by you?



happy monday!

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