Moving on Up.

by katelin on April 18, 2013

I’ve alluded to it in posts and now it’s really happening: Matt and I are moving!

And the funniest/best/most entertaining part of it all is that our new apartment is literally in the apartment complex next door. While sitting on our new patio we can look down at our old apartment, that’s how close we are. It’s a bit ridiculous but it is definitely for the best. We love our neighborhood and we wanted to stay but we just outgrew our place.

So we got the best of both. A new, bigger place in our same, lovely neighborhood.

But I must say, I am sort of sad to say goodbye to our current apartment. We’ve been there four and a half years. It was our first apartment, we got engaged on the front patio, we had our first Christmas party (followed by many more), we carved pumpkins with neighbors, we’ve fed a stray cat and we’ve just had so many wonderful memories.

I’ll miss the way our water heater makes too much noise after a shower or washing dishes, I’ll miss being able to hear when Matt comes home, I’ll miss seeing the mail dropped on our doorstep and I’ll miss people watching. I’ll miss the cozy home we’ve made for each other but I’m so excited to start all over again.

I’m so excited for our new patio, a second bedroom, a second bathroom, air conditioning (hark!), a dishwasher (hurrah!) and just, more space. I’m excited to have guests over, I’m excited to eat outside and I’m excited to have our first party there (even if I am terrified of getting in trouble since we’re on the second floor and we supposedly live in a “quiet” building). I’m just so happy for us to take this big step into bigger spaceland, ha.

So next Thursday I turn 29 and then Friday we move. It’s going to be one hell of a way to ring in the last year of my 20s and I cannot wait. Wish me luck!


happy thursday!

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