Spring Cuddles & Cleaning.

by katelin on April 8, 2013

Weekends are a glorious thing. They really are. Even when I’m dying of a stuffy nose (damn you allergies) and I’m exhausted beyond belief (damn you Nyquil), it’s still a wonderous thing.

Friday: After a long week of work I was so happy to meet up with our friend Laura and her daughter Eleanora at her in-laws for dinner. It was so fun to catch up with them and play with the bebe and just, ah, loveliness.

I mean does she not make you melt? Also, she marks our third weekend of playing with people’s babies and my baby fever has just been in overdrive. Also, our friends and family make really cute and really happy babies. So there’s that.

Saturday: Slept in so late before meeting my mom at the high school she works at to watch their production of Hairspray. Seriously that musical has some of the best songs, I love it so much. The rest of my afternoon was spent napping, reading and ultimately going out to dinner with some friends. And by dinner I mean that everyone else had normal food whereas I opted to eat apple pie like an adult. The whole night was just fun catching up with friends and coming home to relax and just enjoy the evening early.

Sunday: Spent my morning running errands before spending the afternoon watching Friday Night Lights, lots of Friday Night Lights and cleaning up our place to get ready for the move (I’ll talk about that eventually). Seriously, I went through my closet and drawers and oh how I love purging, it makes me so happy. It also makes me happy to watch lots of FNL, can I just be Tami Taylor already?? But yes, the most laid back day to myself was just the way to end my weekend and prep me for a very emotional week ahead.



And how was your weekend? Any baby playing? Spring cleaning? Dessert before dinner eating?


happy monday!

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