Birthdays are for wishing.

by katelin on April 4, 2013

My birthday is less than a month away. 29. I don’t even know how I’m old enough to be 29 yet. But apparently I am. However I’m not too old to make birthday wishlists and the magic of Pinterest has made me want EVERYTHING. But really, let’s keep it realistic here.

This purse. It’s just SO CUTE. And gray and lovely and yep, I want it.
A girl can never have too much jewelry right? Because this gold stackable ring is so simple and cute.


Patio furniture. For our new patio. Oh yeah, because Matt and I are moving soon (happy birthday to me!). But really, any patio furniture, well pretty patio furniture, but I cannot wait to enjoy a patio, wee.

Not-so-secret fact, I love elephants. And all things with elephants on them. So, this plate makes perfect sense to put somewhere right?

And no wish list is complete without a dress, I love dresses, I practically live in dresses, so of course I want a new one. And this one is lovely.



So, anything I should add to my birthday list besides millions of dollars, my own private plane and a lunch date with Jennifer Lawrence?


Hurray birthday things!


happy weekend!

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  • A girl can never have too much jewelry. EVER!
    We are in need of patio furniture, too. Every set I find and fall in love with is insanely expensive. Maybe someday it will all go on sale. Hooray to moving, a new patio, and your birthday in a month =)

  • Lynn

    Patio furniture is sometimes more expensive than regular furniture…so definitely a great item for the wish list!!

  • moving? patio? sweeeeet! and hooray for birthday wishlists :-)

  • Happy Bday month and congrats on the upcoming move. We bought our patio furniture a few years ago and it was the best investment ever!! Go all out with it is my advice :)

  • Love this list! I love birthdays. I think I say this to you every year cause I’m pretty sure you feel the same way LOL. JLaw lunch sounds awesome… Let’s seriously make THAT one happen!

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