Endless Smiles.

by katelin on March 14, 2013

This past weekend my heart felt whole again.

I was reunited with my seven best girl friends from college and just, I am the happiest. Well right now I miss them like crazy, but being with them made me all kinds of happy, content, excited, all of the above. We hadn’t all been together since Zoe got married over a year ago and being together this past weekend was almost like no time had passed. And every time we get together it makes me value our friendship just a little bit more.

It’s crazy to think how we all came together in college and how easy it was for us to be friends when we all lived so close together. But now that we’ve been out of school for seven years and have fluttered around the country, it’s harder to stay together but somehow we do it.

I was going to try and recap the weekend bit by bit but that’s just not possible. So we’ll just talk about it in bits.

  • I flew to Greensboro Thursday night so I could be with my BFF Jen for a bit before the big weekend and I’m so glad I did. We watched hilarious TV, ate popcorn, laughed til our cheeks hurt and just, had a grand ole time catching up.
  • The next day we road tripped to Atlanta to meet up with all of the girls and the drive was full of dance parties and crazy signs and weird peaches and good times.
  • Friday night we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a place that was playing a truly bizarre movie.
  • We spent most evenings up incredibly late telling stories, reminiscing of college and sharing things we wouldn’t share with anyone else.
  • A trip to a puppet museum was actually the best ever. Shows were put on, movies were watched and we were just big kids.
  • To celebrate Alli’s big birthday we went out to dinner in style, tried delicious things and just, the best.


  • After dinner we went to a bar where you could still smoke inside, the DJ played oldies and the average age was over 50. It was amazing. Journey was played, we danced in a girl circle and everyone around us was making it out. The laughs, we had them.
  • We learned about the Olympics and stayed outside as long as we could, because of course Atlanta had the better weather over Los Angeles.
  • We hung out on porches in rocking chairs while playing games on our phone and soaking in the afternoon. We ate pizza and listened to music and played games of the most ridiculous kind.
  • I realized that it’s always fun to talk about our college years but it’s even more fun to talk about our new adventures, our changes, our dreams and know that the others will understand.

So yeah, I know that’s not really a recap or anything and probably just a bunch of gibberish to anyone that wasn’t there, but I was there and it was wonderous. Moral of the story, girl time is a great time and highly recommended to all.



And how was your weekend now that a new one is fast approaching? Anything exciting or new? Also, is it nap time yet?



happy thursday!

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