WiiU Likes to Party.

by katelin on March 7, 2013

Four years ago I hosted my first Nintendo sponsored event. FOUR YEARS AGO! How is that even possible? And in those four years Nintendo (Brand About Town) has given me all sorts of goodies and fun opportunities.

The most recent opportunity came last weekend when they offered to let me host a party for the launch of the WiiU. And, it was so fun. I mean, could it be anything else?

I invited over a few friends and family, we enjoyed some catering from Panera, had some drinks and had all sorts of embarrassing game play. We played Nintendoland games, Super Mario Brothers U and the most entertaining, Sing Party.

My brothers and Matt got the party started early setting up the system and exploring the setup of Nintendoland. And I’m pretty sure my brother Kurt and his friend never left the front room of game playing.

 Eventually the food was set and people arrived and the game playing began.

Nintendo Food


After Nintendoland and Super Mario playing game the highlight of the evening, Sing Party. One person sings, everyone else is back up dancers/singers and my goodness, it was EPIC. I went first by vote of the party and it was made clear that I should never sing solo but at least it was funny. I tried my best to sing “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 and basically I should have just left it to Michael. Luckily my friends didn’t judge me and instead we all laughed. Other notable songs were Justin Bieber and LMFAO and Rihanna and yes, good songs, great dancing, too many laughs and just as awesome pictures.


 After all the game playing there was some Nintendo trivia where prizes were given and everyone posed for some fabulous group photos.

WiiU Party People


Overall the night was a success. It was so fun to hang out with friends and family doing something so different and so entertaining.


Thanks again to my fabulous friends at Brand About Town/Nintendo!


happy thursday!



*Brand About Town/Nintendo provided me with the WiiU and all the party goodies but obviously all opinions and rambling happiness is my own*

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