Gold Stars & Streamers.

by katelin on March 4, 2013

You know those weekends that when you get to Sunday you wonder where the rest of it all went? Yeah, I had one of those. And I’m already ready for another one.

Friday: Since neither of us wanted to cook or do anything productive Matt and I got some fancy hot dogs for dinner, came home and watched some TV and then had ourselves a little froyo date afterwards. It was one of those nights that was just so low key and lovely and made me the happiest.

Saturday: An afternoon of cleaning up, running errands and all that jazz before an evening of Nintendo! My BFFs at Brand About Town/Nintendo gave me a new WiiU a few weeks ago a and on Saturday I got to host a party to celebrate it and play with my friends. The party itself deserves its own post (so that will have to happen later this week) but I do have to share the group picture because it’s just too cute and I’m just so glad my friends and family could make it on over.


And notice the stars and streamers? I decided it was St. Patty’s Day meets Luigi colors and gold stars like Super Mario Brothers, so it all worked out (and yes we plan on keeping it up for a while, let the party stay a while).

Sunday: The laziest of days. Seriously the only productive thing I did was wash some dishes and get my nails done. Other than that it was a day of watching Modern Family and Friday Night Light (and yes I cried watching both, emotions, I have lots of them) followed by a whole lot of napping and an evening of relaxing.

So yes, a lovely weekend and I’m so ready for another one.


And how was your weekend? Watch anything good? Have any fun game nights?


happy monday!

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  • I love that you decorated for your party!!

    And you know me, I’m already counting down for the weekend too :)

  • What a lovely weekend! It snowed here overnight so I woke up to a “winter wonderland” Saturday morning and used that as my excuse not to leave my house :) Sunday night the ladies in my community group and I went out for pasta at this place downtown that makes it all by hand. Carb amazingness!

  • My party is this weekend and I’m so excited!
    Friday we picked up new furniture and celebrated the end of a long week with nachos and margaritas. It was SO needed.
    Saturday took Jack to the vet and then helped my 89 year old Gram move into her new apartment. See also: holy cow she has more stuff than anyone I know! Then a fun double date night on Saturday and Sunday was a LOT OF laziness, naps and relaxing because I was exhausted from the weekend. So like you I need another weekend :)

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