Let’s Talk About the Oscars.

by katelin on February 27, 2013

Also known as my Superbowl. My Christmas. The BEST DAY.

In the past I’ve live blogged big awards shows and I had every intention of doing it Sunday until I just didn’t. I got about 20 minutes into the show that I just watched and stopped writing and didn’t read Twitter (although I wish I had, you guys are hilarious) and just enjoyed the show. So instead of my typical Hollywood post or live blogging reactions I’m just going to share what I thought. And three days after the show it’s still totally relevant right? Ha. Who knows. Here goes:

  • Seth MacFarlane: Overall I liked him. Yes some of his jokes were lame and low blow but overall he did what most hosts do. I will say that some people made a hoopla over his joke of women getting the flu before awards show to lose weight, however Amy and Tina made the hilarious joke about The Hunger Games being their preshow diet. Is that not along the same lines? In any case, let’s just have Amy and Tina host everything okay? And let’s just laugh.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is the best person. It was only solidified with her preshow interviews, facial expressionspost-show interviews, Jack Nicholson encounter and her not-so-graceful tumble to the stage. All in all, she wins. It all.
  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner also win, because THEY ARE THE MOST ADORABLE. And Ben noted about working on their marriage and each other and just, the cutest. I melt.
  • Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are adorable. Seriously, adorable. Also, Channing should dance all of the time. He even looks nice when he keeps his shirt on. And who knew Charlize could dance too?
  • Daniel Day Lewis is the best speech giver and apparently the best actor and just, nicely done dude, see you in five years.
  • Adele is just so endearing and wonderful and is just such a fabulous singer.
  • Halle Berry and Quvenzhane Wallis together is so wonderful. I hope Miss Wallis got some tips from Miss Berry and together they take over Hollywood.
  • Anne Hathaway. Some people admire her. Some people can’t stand her. I’m basically indifferent and apparently really need to see Les Mis to understand how someone can be in a movie for 30 minutes and win an Oscar. Other than that, her dress was definitely not my favorite and hopefully she had a good time despite all the backlash.
  • And Jesse Tyler Ferguson wins for the best post-Oscars photo bomb. Seriously this just makes me the happiest.


And what did you think about the show? Have any favorites? What did you think about the fashion – I’m pretty much on par with Jess’s recap.

happy wednesday!

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