It’s like Magic.

by katelin on February 26, 2013

So I’ve been so lax with my posts lately and sometimes I wonder if people even care what I did over the weekend and then I realize, I care, so that matters, so weekend recap it will be on this fine Tuesday and eventually I’ll talk about Hollywood and Wine again and all will be right in the blogging world. In the meantime I’m still tired and posts come when they come. So let’s do this.

Friday: Let’s just call this my magical night because I finally got to go to The Magic Castle. Basically this place is super VIP/Invite Only and it’s a whole lot of magic. Seriously check out the site and then be amazed. Sadly no pictures were allowed inside, but me and Amanda (my date for the evening) got a red carpet shot before entering.
Magic Friday

Once inside we got to say Abracadabra for the doors to open into the magical land of Magic Castle. I don’t really even know how to explain what’s inside except there is a lot of magic. We saw all types of performances: a magical trio that was super showy, trapped in the 80s and totally awesome, a hilarious parlor trick man, a mentalist and an adorable grandpa that did card tricks. Despite some obnoxious drunks it was still a great late night.

Saturday: Started the morning off with girls’ brunch in Venice and just, the loveliest. We had vegan food, we laughed, we shared stories and goals and just, girls’ brunch makes me the happiest. Afterwards I made it back to Pasadena for my cousin’s baby shower where I got to play with a cute baby and see family and just, a good time all around.
Mom & Julie

The rest of the day was spent celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday again with a tasty feast and good times.

Sunday: Oscar day! My Second Christmas! My Superbowl! The BEST DAY! I had a relaxing morning followed by an afternoon of watching the red carpet. And then it was showtime! My sister and our friends Megan and JR came over and we all enjoyed the show (me more so than everyone else) and tasty food and champagne and just, a good time all around.


And how was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? Play with cute babies? Enjoy some lovely weather?


happy tuesday!

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