The Great TV Debate.

by katelin on February 21, 2013

Last month Sarah touched upon a subject that has always been up for debate in my house: TV in the bedroom.

As it stands right now Matt and I do not have a TV in our bedroom.We had one for about two seconds when we moved in four years ago but it was big and bulky and we never turned it on so we got rid of it.

However we’re hoping to move soon and with that Matt would very much like to purchase a second television to have in our bedroom. Whereas I do not.

I mean it would be nice to have a TV in the room for sick days and lazy days. I can just see myself not leaving bed because a Say Yes to the Dress marathon is on or an SVU episode that I hadn’t seen is on (hard to believe those still exist). And it would be the loveliest thing.

But part of me just thinks that if we have a TV in our room we’ll always end up watching it before bed and we won’t end up talking as much and I’ll read less and just, I don’t see the point.

Ah. Issues. I have them.

So tell me. Are you pro TV in the bedroom or against it?


happy thursday!

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