I’ll Be Back.

by katelin on February 19, 2013

Weekends are my favorite. Weekends with lots of friends and lots of me time is my most favorite. So let’s discuss shall we.

Friday: After a particularly stressful week of work I was so ready to kick my heels up for a long weekend. Matt and I headed up to my sister-in-law’s parent’s house to watch the Kings game and eat some jambalaya. We got to chat TV and watch the Kings win and just, a lovely way to start the weekend.

Saturday: A day full of relaxing and laundry doing followed by a night of Terminator 2 Live. Right? Yes. Let’s just get to that. It was ridiculous. And amazing. And hilarious. And we had to wear ponchos to fend off water and fake blood and my goodness.


We went with JR and Megan and just, I can’t even put this into words except I highly recommend it. We had an Asian Terminator and there were so many 90s jokes and the cast was great and I still had fake blood on me the next day (but it wasn’t as gross as it sounds I swear, ha) and my cheeks hurt from so much laughing. It was just such a fun random night and a fabulous Saturday evening.

Sunday: The highlight of the day was catching up with three of my best high school friends and their guys. The Core Four, as we called (still call) ourselves are rarely all together any more and I don’t actually remember the last time our guys were with all of us as well, but oh what a great time. We went to The Cheesecake Factory and it may have been the longest late lunch ever but it was so worth it and just so fun to catch up with such good friends.

core 4 lunch
Monday: A “ME” day, oh thank goodness a “ME” day. Matt had to work and I was more than happy to have the day to myself. I caught up on Downton Abbey, I cried watching Downton Abbey, I walked, I made a green smoothie, I read, I cooked, I cleaned. I was a good ole domestic lady and it was the loveliest.


And how was your weekend? Did you have yesterday off? Did you do wonderful things? Did you cry watching Downton?


happy tuesday!

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  • Me days are the best. I had a Me dayon Sunday. I haven’t watched Downton yet..Dan and I are on episode 4 of the season. But I heard it was sad. Makes me wanna hurry and catch up! :(

  • Aw, what a fun weekend!! Nothing like hanging out with old friends :) I was spoiled by a FB post literally MINUTES before I watched DA, so I spent the whole episode cringing and expecting it to happen at any moment. What a bizarre occurrence… wonder how next season will go.

  • Ryan had to work on Monday. It wasn’t a “ME” day per se, but I got to spend time with the sister and some friends for a bit, and it was just nice not to go in to work for yet another day. :p

  • I LOVE Me days. Those are totally awesome!!

    Live Teriminator? That sounds kinda neat =) I love that you had to wear ponchos.

    My weekend included naps, a dinner out to enjoy some steak, red wine, brunch and relaxing. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

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