Pop! Goes My Heart.

by katelin on February 15, 2013

Have you guys ever seen the movie Music & Lyrics? It’s lovely. It’s silly. It’s a romcom with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. That should tell you everything. Matt and I watched it together on our first Valentine’s Day back in 2007 and last night we decided to watch it again.

The beginning of the movie has this fabulous music video from Hugh Grant’s characters’ 80s band called Pop! It is magic. The dancing. The hair. Magic I tell you. Actually let me just show you.

So great right? And if you’re a Friday Night Lights fan you might freak out a little bit like I did because the other main singer is JASON STREET! AH! I laughed so hard and made Matt rewind so I could really see it was him and it was glorious.


Anyhoo, hope this song gets stuck in your head and brings you all of the Friday happy.


happy weekend!

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