Shiny & Delightful.

by katelin on February 11, 2013

Weekends are meant to sleep in and eat cheesy things. So you know, of course that’s what I did this weekend.

Friday: After a somewhat exhausting week, Matt and I took it easy. We had a sushi date followed by ice cream (which is totally logical when it’s 40 degrees outside) followed by a snuggly movie date at home. The loveliest.

Saturday: Spent a lazy morning hanging out, working out and catching up on TV. The afternoon was spent going out with my little brother, buying an iPhone 5 (hurray!) and being completely anxious while watching Flight. And the evening was spent enjoying burgers and games with my parents and my brother and it was lovely. A good time all around.

Sunday: A productive morning of working out and a hair cut and Modern Family watching. Followed by a fabulous afternoon/evening celebrating Drea‘s birthday in a classy bar with Wizard of Oz pictures and delicious mac & cheese and lots of good friend chatting time. So yes, birthdays on Sundays are excellent.

Culver Hotel

We came home to watch The West Wing and just, yes. Exactly how Sundays should be celebrated.


And how was your weekend? Any cheesy delight or birthday celebrations?


happy monday!

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