Annecdotes from the Earlier Years.

by katelin on February 7, 2013

When I was in first grade there a boy who bullied me. I told teachers and they scolded him. One day after school he followed me and a friend to my house (I lived around the block from school) and he threw rocks at us on the way. It was awful, it was upsetting and it was not right. The next day my dad came to school to talk to teachers and eventually talked to the boy. I don’t even know if this would be allowed today, but my dad sat down with the kid one-on-one and actually talked to him. He didn’t yell at him for harassing his daughter (to my dismay) but rather talked to him to see what the real issues were. Turned out the kid came from a run down home and just used me as a target. My dad became a bit of a mentor to him and even gave him a Christmas gift that year (also to my dismay). The boy never harassed me or taunted or teased me after that. And eventually I came to realize that not everyone needs to be scolded as much as they need to be listened to.


In third grade a boy dared me to slap him in the face. Not one to turn down a dare, I did it. And then, he slapped me back. And I cried. From then on I learned not to trust a dare or any boy that would hit a girl.



I have no idea why I thought of these two tidbits but really life is just full of those important lesson learning moments, even when we aren’t really paying attention.


happy thursday!

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