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by katelin on February 6, 2013

So it’s already Wednesday but I’m going to chit chat about the weekend since I was too lazy to do it earlier. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break you know? It’s also nice to have a pretty low key weekend. Let’s do that more often.

Friday: After a crazy busy week at work my coworkers and I had a fabulous lunch where a cheese plate was involved. And it was magical.

After work Matt and I had a very low key night watching TV and ordering pizza. Just the kind of night we needed.

Saturday: The laziest day. Walked, read, movie watched, superb. And by night we had a impromptu date night where we saw Life of Pi (so, so good) and enjoyed pretzels. Twas a nice night and the good kind of low key.

Sunday: Started the morning off with a sister breakfast date which was the best. My sister came over and I made apple slice pancakes and we enjoyed tea and bad TV and just, wonderous.

Eventually it was Superbowl time, Matt and I headed to our friends’ new house to cheer on the 49ers. As you all know, sadly they lost and Matt may still be in mourning. At least it was a good game in the second half right?

In any case, the weekend as you can see was relaxing and foodfull and friendful and movieful and all the good kinds of full.


And how was your weekend? Enjoy some Superbowl goodness? Or Puppybowl adorableness?


happy wednesday!

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