A Weekend Down Under.

by katelin on January 28, 2013

Well not really. But there was a lot of Australian influence so that was pretty awesome. And I was healthy and Matt was healthyish and hurray the weekend, let’s do it again okay?

Friday: Celebrated my BFF Megan’s birthday with a fancy Italian dinner in Downtown (seriously is it weird that now I want to spell it Downton??) LA and had a grand ole time. Despite the rain, it was fun to venture somewhere new and we all enjoyed delicious entrees and yummy desserts and had just a fun time all around.

Saturday: Started the day nice and early celebrating one of Matt’s closest family friends’ wedding. Chrissy has always been like a big sister to Matt and since I’ve been dating him she’s been like a big sister to me as well and we were so happy to celebrate her wedding to a wonderful Aussie.

I broke out the red lipstick, I got misty eyed during the ceremony and put on my dancing shoes and had a great time catching up with some of our favorite people.


After the wedding I unfortunately was struck with another headache (seriously, this is getting old) and managed to nap it away before heading up to my parents house for dinner and dominoes. It was so nice to just be silly and play games with everyone. Definitely made me appreciate how close my family is and how grateful I should always be to have them.

Sunday: Spent the day being lazy before finally going to see Silver Linings Playbook. Gotta say, I was a fan. And my girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence got just a little bit bigger. The rest of the night was spent playing The Sims, enjoy mac&cheese, drinking wine and watching TV. The best way to wind down the weekend.


And how was your weekend? Any weddings or movie watching?


happy monday!

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