Having Drinks with the Ladies.

by katelin on January 25, 2013

The other day my friend Virginia and I were discussing Downton Abbey and how much we love Maggie Smith. And then we decided how much we’d love to have drinks with her. And it got me to thinking of what other celebrity ladies I’d love to have drinks with. But then I realize everyone is different and there would be different drinks necessary. So here we go:

Maggie Smith. We’d meet at a classy joint and sip tea. Or maybe that’s just the Dowager. Maybe Maggie would let loose with some Gin Fizzes or shots of sherry. In any case I’d ask her to tell me secrets of Harry Potter & Downton Abbey and she’d be my new fabulous grandma.
Kate Winslet. I would split a bottle of wine with her. And she would tell me all about Leo and it would be magical and girly.
Tyra Banks. We would sip cosmos and chat about Top Model and practice being Fierce. I’d ask her about her project to take over the world and see if she needs any help. Also, I’d find a way to use Smize in the conversation.
Jennifer Lawrence. Not sure my liver could handle hanging out with her but I feel like a night of shooters at a dive bar would be our kind of night. We’d also take pictures making funny faces because, why not?
Zoe Saldana. I feel like she’s a martini lady and we’d be classy and mistaken for sisters and she’d tell me all about filming Star Trek and Crossroads and how Bradley Cooper spoke French to her when they were dating. Instant pals I tell you.

I know there’s more ladies I’d drink with (and a list of guys too!) but these are the top for now. Who would be on your list and what would you be drinking?




happy weekend!

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