Aces & Diamonds.

by katelin on November 19, 2012

So. Those weekends where you have every emotion on the scale of emotions? Yes. Those. I had one. And let’s just say, I’m still recovering.

Thursday: Made the trek with my coworker Meghan to Palm Springs (more specifically The oh-so-fabulous ACE Hotel) for Camp Mighty. We were both fortunate enough to attend due to our work and we were sponsors and it was just lovely. The first night I didn’t really do much but rather relax and thoroughly enjoy the hotel.
Friday: A very mighty day indeed. Maggie Mason kicked things off welcoming everyone followed by some very fascinating speakers. I sort of missed the afternoon events but before I knew it it was time for us to get all Spaced out for the super space themed party. I dressed as Space because, you know, makes sense right? And there was a gif machine and awesome music and twinkly lights and just, such a fun night all around.
 Saturday: Had our work related event in the morning and afterward The Bloggess spoke which was awesome and entertaining as always. Eventually we had group lunches where we got to share some of our big life goals and it was pretty special. Fingers crossed I could actually cross some big things off my list next year. I also had a lot of time to myself and got to explore the Ace which was nice.
The night was okay. Had some very emo moments and met some new people and just, felt very alone in a very welcoming place. It was weird, but it happens.

Sunday: Trekked out early from Palm Springs and made it home to relax before my sister picked me up so we could catch an afternoon showing of Breaking Dawn Part II. My sister-in-law, Michaela and Nicole also joined the party and just you guys. I mean I think I can write a whole post about saying goodbye to Twilight. But right now spoiler-free: it was just SO GOOD and I am so many moments.

After the movie I had some quality sister time before having even more quality family time and it was just the loveliest. Despite my emotions being all out of whack as a combo of the weekend and the movie and just life, it was nice to just be with Matt and my whole family having a fun dinner together.


So yeah, a weekend of all of the emotions. Just in time for Thanksgiving and even more emotions and craziness this week, ha. Let’s do it.


And how was your weekend? Did you see Twilight? Did you just LOVE it? Have any big life moment revelations?


happy monday!

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