Lessons from the week.

by katelin on November 15, 2012

  • If you ever get a gel manicure, don’t [I repeat – DO NOT] peel off the polish if you’d like to have normal nails.
  • Surprise mail from my friends at Nintendo is still the BEST thing.
  • Peruvian food is surprisingly delicious.
  • Mitch Albom’s books are always short but they always leave me thinking.
  • Cold calling anywhere is slightly terrifying.
  • Pumpkin cheesecake is a magical invention and I’m not quite sure how I lived this long without trying it.
  • 30 Second dance parties are a thing. An actual productive and amazing thing. So get on it. ┬áHere I’ll help you get started:

What lessons have you learned this week?


happy thursday!

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  • YES to Nintendo Mail!! Its right up there with TYRAMAIL! Ahhh and I’m the only one who has never tried gel nails.. too scared! (more that ill never have time to get back to the salon to remove it and then have to attempt to peel it off haha but that’s not happening now)

  • I love Albom’s books. I read “Tuesdays with Morrie” every other year or so, I feel it’s good for me and my soul. :)


  • I love the shellac manicures but damn does it mess up m nails after!

  • Love Nintendo Mail. Now I need time to play with my Nintendo mail.

    Um, I also pulled off my gel nail stuff too. I didn’t feel like sitting at the nail place with aluminum foil on my hands… (twinsies again, btw).

    Lessons learned this week.
    * Parenthood makes me cry every single week.
    * Even though I’m 29 and married I still love talking to my mom every other day and sometimes she just makes everything better
    * People who are jerks are always going to be jerks and there is nothing I can do about it!
    * Wine is good =)

  • Lynn

    I learned that just because the earrings you get as your 1st anniversary gift don’t come with earring backs, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in cheap ones to avoid losing one of them after you’ve only owned them for 3 weeks.

    On a lighter note, I realized that it is extremely wise to plan your entire vacation/trip around the places you want to eat.

  • Jen

    30 second dance parties! Yes! Grey’s! Is it just me or is that show redeeming itself this season? Pumpkin cheesecake sounds amazing. Pumpkin cream cheese IS amazing.

  • I am all about the dance parties, yo! They can happen anywhere. :-)

    Peruvian food = YUMYUMYUM. Where’d you go?

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