A Sparkling Return to Hollywood.

by katelin on November 13, 2012

A Hollywood post?? Seriously? Finally! Yes! Hurrah! Oh the news I have missed sharing and reading and just man the last month and a half was nuts, it’s nice to get bak on schedule. So with that, here we go:

Starting off this week’s bebe cuteness we have my favorite, Violet Affleck. I mean she is just growing up to be such a cute little lady. And riding a horse with mom smiling in the background is just the cutest.

Also bringing the cuteness we have Pink and her daughter Willow. I mean her little squishy face is just the most precious.
In other Hollywood news…Kristen Bell is pregnant! I wonder if her baby’s nursery will be sloth themed, ha…Uma Thurman has given her daughter the most ridiculous of names, EVER…Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot and the pictures are  very them… in some break up news, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split. Apparently young love couldn’t last…but Old love is in? I mean Mary Kate Olsen and her boyfriend just look so odd together, I can’t handle…Lauren Conrad, oh how I adore her and her style so much:

In some favoriteness…
Sam Worthington. Oh Sam Worthington. He went and got himself arrested after trying to fight a bouncer in Atlanta.

Leonardo DiCaprio always finds way to do good. For his recent 38th (no really, somehow he’s 38) birthday Leo had a party where the proceeds went to help Hurricane Sandy.

In some Twilightness…
Breaking Dawn Part II. Is coming out this weekend. The end of an era. I mean I haven’t made it a secret that the last book was not my favorite but it is a little sad that the Twi-saga is coming to an end. The LA premiere was last night and amidst the whole Rob/Kristen/I don’t care everyone looked fabulous.

Also, for some entertaining recaps check out the ladies of Letters to Twilight  on Twitter who had front row tickets with mikes in hand (so jealous!).

In other movie news…
Iron Man 3. Or should I say “Iron Man Rises”? I mean could the voiceover sound any more like Bane from Batman? Iron Man is supposed to be funny and lighthearted, so this better do it. Anyhoo, judge the trailer for yourself.

World War Z. Sweet mercy. Zombie movies galore this looks sort of good but also quite terrifying.

Sons of Anarchy. THIS. SEASON. Oh this season. It is so good. And I swear it’s possible anyone could die and it’s scary and just, AH. Also Jax is headed down the path of crazy town, I just see it and man. And the whole Tara/Otto thing? Yeah let’s just fast forward, oh wait, I did. And Gemma, get your shit together now okay? Thanks.

Dexter. This season is sort of slowish to me but it’s still good. And I’m very much tisking Dex and Hannah McKay.

Homeland. What a hell of a season. Carrie and Brody? Whoa. And the shoot out and double agents and an attack is coming and just, MY GOODNESS.

How I Met Your Mother. I love this show, I really do. But I really hope this season is actually taking us somewhere.

Friday Night Lights. I’m one episode from finishing season one and just, THIS SHOW. I want to be Tami Taylor. Definitely be her. She is my hero. And I’m sort of finally on the Riggins train minus the whole sleeping with the neighbor similar to one Pacey Whitter Season One of Dawson’s Creek. Also Landry is great and Saracen and just. I care so much about these people. Texas Forever. I very much get it now.

Lastly in WTFness we have Kevin Clash. And just. I can’t even. If you saw Being Elmo then just. All bah. Let’s put our earmuffs back on and pretend this isn’t a story.
UPDATE: The accuser has recanted. Whew. Still let’s pretend this isn’t incredibly shady.


 happy tuesday!

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