New England knows how to do Autumn.

by katelin on November 9, 2012

Sweet mercy, this trip (DC, Philly & NYC) seems like forever ago and we’re finally on the last leg. Woo. I know you were on pins and needles waiting for me to finish, so here we go.

In a matter of days we hit up Connecticut, Newport, Rhode Island and Boston. We were the champions of travel and it was awesome. So let’s just break it down by state.

My friend AJ works at a boarding school in CT so we took the train from New York and made it there by dinnertime. We ventured out for dinner but came back to have drinks and climb illegal things at his job and just be ridiculous, it was awesome. In the morning I finally got to enjoy the Fall foliage I so desperately wanted to see. Connecticut did not disappoint.
And with our brief stay I knocked another state off my list.

Newport, Rhode Island:
You guys, I might be in love. And I might need to be a millionaire so I can buy a house here. This town is adorable. And has amazing homes. And leaves and chowder and just, the cutest. We stopped in Newport just for the afternoon on our way to Boston and it was such a great detour.

AJ took us to this lovely look out spot that was perfect for photo opps:

And below it was cave that AJ and Matt tried to explore but rather turned into both of them falling and almost taking a swim in the Atlantic. Yes I was both laughing and terrified I’d have to fish them out or call for help, but luckily they both just ended up dirty, ha.

Afterwards we explored the seaside town for a bit and enjoyed some delicious food before hitting the road to Boston.
First piece of business in Boston – MEET BOSTON BLOGGERS! Seriously. I was so excited to meet Julie Q, Chelsee & Sues of We Are Not Martha and Susan. It was crazy to believe we had never met in our five years of blog reading/writing. But it was the best. Dinner was amazing getting to catch up and chat with such lovely ladies and hear stories that aren’t on the blog and just, the happiest.

 The next day me, Matt and AJ were super tourists. We started the morning with a Sam Adams brew tour where I attempted to drink a full beer and just, it didn’t work. But the tour was still fun and we got to keep our tasting glasses.

After our tour we stopped by Fenway Park to take a look. None of us are Red Sox fans but we all love baseball so it was worth the stop.
From there we moseyed on over to the Freedom  Trail. Saw some important historical buildings and sights (seriously our whole trip could be renamed as the “Everything Katelin forgot from Middle School History Class”) enjoyed some more chowder and yep, pretty damn schnazzy.
Our last night was spent hanging out and drinking wine (me) and beer (the guys) and  saying farewell to the East Coast hoping we can return again soon.

Have you been to New England? What’s your favorite stop?


happy weekend!

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