My Weekend is a Lifetime Movie.

by katelin on November 6, 2012

You know those weekends where your heart is full and your mouth hurts from smiling so much? Yes, well I was lucky enough to have one of those.  After so much sadness over here I needed to just laugh away and spending the weekend with my best friend Jen was just the cure.

Friday: After a day of flying I landed just in time for Jen and I to grab a delicious pizza dinner. We caught up over drinks and carbs and it was just the best. I don’t remember a moment where we weren’t laughing or just saying how we couldn’t believe it had been eleven months since we’d seen each other. We called it an early night so we could get comfy and hang out drinking wine and watching bad TLC shows. The best.

Saturday: Jen had to work early in the morning and I just slept and hung out with her precious kitties. Eventually Jen came back and our afternoon started, we got manicures and went to visit her mom and nephew. It was so fun going to the playground with the kidlet and catching up with Jen’s mom at the park and at lunch. The weather was exactly as Fall should be and it was heavenly and I was just oh so happy.

That night Jen had signed us up for a class where we drank wine and painted. Two of my favorite things combined into one? Yes, please and thank you.

We ended up having a bottle of wine and the class all to ourselves. It was perfect. And so fun. We worked on a holiday piece and I cannot wait to put it up somewhere when I decorate for Christmas.
It’s sort of funny too how we both started out with the same template and tracing to start yet our painting look so very different:
Having our own room also afforded us the time to take ridiculous pictures and be our good ole silly selves.

After our night of painting we took a detour to get fried Mac&Cheese (sounds like the best thing ever right? Yes. Because it is) and stop by a bar for some hanging out and all around good times.

Sunday: The laziest day. No really, we were so lazy. While Jen slept in a bit I hung out with this handsome fellow:

I know you’re super jealous because he’s pretty damn adorable.

Once Jen got up we migrated to her couch and watched so many bad Lifetime shows it was amazing. At one point we were making the same quotes and cracking each other up over the bad reenactments and just, if you ever need a good laugh, turn on Lifetime. We even managed to eat Halloween candy and watch the Katy Perry movie and just, it was what a good girl’s weekend should be.

Eventually we got around to being productive and grabbed lunch and window shopped and just, the loveliest. That night Jen had gotten us tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert and my goodness does that woman put on a show. Hunter Hayes (the CMA’s most recent winner of Best New Artist) opened up and he was just adorable and it was so cute to hear all the tweens lose their minds. And then it was Carrie. And my goodness. Apparently I knew way more Carrie songs than I thought and I danced to almost all of them and just, it was quite a show.
After the show we had an epic car dance party (Ke$ha, you win) before we went home to stay up too late watching Dexter and Homeland and hoping that Monday wouldn’t come. And it was just the perfect end to a gloriously girly weekend.

All in all it was the kind of weekend to make me so grateful to have Jen in my life. Yes it made me sad that we don’t live closer but it makes me so grateful for the times that we do have together and just how much fun we have.

And how was your weekend? Enjoy your extra hour of sleep? Any country girl dancing for you?


happy tuesday!

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  • You can’t go wrong with a girls’ weekend! Especially if there is wine, mac and cheese and a concert/dancing. I definitely enjoyed the extra sleep, I made two kinds of cookies (pumpkin and then traditional chocolate chip) and did a lot of relaxing the rest of the time. I consider this past weekend a huge win!

  • Lynn

    Aww yay! Weekends with the bestie are well, the best! Glad you guys had such a great time.

  • Jen

    Can we do it again this weekend? TRIPLE HEART FACE TRACE.

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