Pumpkins & Witches, oh my!

by katelin on October 31, 2012

So today I had planned on posting our recap about our New York City stay during our big trip. But seeing as to how yesterday I attended my second funeral in five days and Sandy is causing havoc on the coast I figured my recap could wait another day. I swear by the time I finish talking about our trip I’ll be going on my next (which is sort of true since I’m weather permitting North Carolina bound on Friday, wee).

In any case, yesterday helped me put life back into perspective. To embrace those little things, to make time for people and simply enjoy the life I am living to the fullest.

And last night, I made time. And I had a good time. Matt and I went to my parents house with pumpkins and Hocus Pocus in tow and had a grand ole Halloween time.

Matt and my brother Kurt took their carving matters very seriously and got there hands all up in the goo (ew!) with my dad there with lots of commentary.
I even managed to pull some of the pumpkin guts out long enough to get some more photographic proof of it happening, ha:
The night was spent explaining the movie to my parents, catching up with my brothers and laughing at the intense focus from Matt and my brother on their pumpkin creations. It was the kind of night I miss having and love doing at the same time and made me feel all sorts of ready for today and the holidays to come.

And after lots of work and movie quoting we had our the finished product, ta da!
My brother carved a puppy, I carved a random goofy faced pumpkin and Matt made the Jeep logo. I mean we’re practically pumpkin artists.

Overall last night was just what I needed to start feeling like myself again


So how are you celebrating Halloween? Any pumpkin carving for you this year?



happy halloweeeeeeen!

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