Pumpkins & lazy day things.

by katelin on October 29, 2012

First of all, before I get into any weekending I have to say thank you. Thank you for all the kind words on my last post and just, thanks.

This weekend was very much a low key relaxing one since I just wasn’t feeling all that festive but it was still a good one.

Friday: After the emotionally draining week I had I didn’t really want to do much. So we had dinner and wine and played Scene It and Family Game Night on the Wii. So you know, it was sort of awesome.

Saturday: Our day went from a Halloween filled Universal Studios to a Halloween filled LA Zoo to a pumpkin patch visit with my brother to me taking a much deserved nap. I mean, it was in the 90s which is so unacceptable for October so I had to nap, it was required. And then yeah. That’s about how the day went. Chinese food and bad TV. The win.

Sunday: Spent my morning being lazy, cleaning up, movie watching and Target shopping. Where might I point out, Target doesn’t believe in Thanksgiving things and I’m sort of miffed about it. Not a single turkey anything in sight. But oh, santas and Christmas trees galore. Bah. As the next part of my ‘me day’ I treated myself to a lovely pedicure followed by some Friday Night Lights watching (such a fan).

While I was home not doing a whole lot my aunt and parents invited Matt and I to a bit of a happy hour which was awesome. We shared margaritas and Mexican food and it was just a lovely afternoon getaway all around. Matt and I finished out the evening by purchasing our pumpkins and seriously, we got some winners.

The rest of the night was spent talking life plans and watching movies, so you know, the usual.



And how was your weekend? Any Halloween festivities for you?


happy monday!

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