A Monumental D.C. Expedition.

by katelin on October 23, 2012

So yes remember that trip Matt and I took? And how it was awesome and how we stayed in Virgina and we’re totally hip and took the subway/metro into DC every day and learned that you MUST stand on the right side of the escalator or be yelled at? Right. It was superb.

Anyhoo, let talk trip shall we?

We were in Alexandria/DC for four days and in those four days we did almost every everything you can do in those cities. We explored and ate our way through Old Town Alexandria, visited three museums (National History, American History & National Air and Space) in one day, visited the National Archives, WWII memorial, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the MLK memorial all in another day, went to the Portrait Gallery, the Old Post Office building, the Library of Congress and toured the White House and the Capitol building on the last day. Basically we did ALL OF THE THINGS and saw all of the memorials and monuments.

And because pictures can’t sum everything up, some blurbs:

  • Dunkin Doughnuts may not be the best thing ever, but it was quite convenient to have one across the street from our hotel (hello pumpkin doughnut!)
  • During our White House tour the Secret Service told us how Michelle was upstairs after taking the girls to school (sadly she didn’t come down to say hello).
  • There is a memorial or a monument for basically everything historical to ever happen in the US.
  •  Crab cakes are the most delicious on the East Coast.
  • It’s quite easy to walk miles and miles and miles in Virginia and DC.
  • Everyone knows everything about their city and it’s sort of amazing. Our friends Alli, Janet and Eric were excellent tour guides and always had fun quips to share and I was pretty much in awe of all of their DC knowledge.

So yes, that’s our DC stay and I cannot wait to go back again someday.


Have you been to DC? Do you live in DC? What’s your favorite part?


happy tuesday! 

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  • Wow! You really did pack a lot into four days. Those three museums in one day? I’m exhausted thinking about it :)

  • I went to DC three years ago and loved it. The city is so vibrant, so much energy, so much going on. I loved the walking, the food options, the people, the fashion, that everyone there seems to have a purpose of some sort. Just a really neat place. I’d LOVE to go back some day! Glad you had a great time :)

  • My friend lives in DC and I visit her about once a year and we always have a fabulous time. Next time – add the Newsuem to your list!

  • Jen

    I spy Alli!!!!

    Looks lovely… and cold.

  • I adore DC. I lived in Rhode Island for part of my childhood so we visited a few times, my brother was stationed there from 2003 to 2006 and my mum was stationed there in 2006 (they’re both in the Army). My brother and his wife and 3 kids are now back there again, so I’ve had a chance to visit quite a bit in the last 9 years.

    As far as monuments go, the Lincoln Memorial is my absolute favorite. Something about it gives me chills and goosebumps.

    I love the Natural History Museum and seeing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution blows me away every time.

    Outside the city, my favorite spot is Mt. Vernon (George Washington’s home). It is a gorgeous estate and you could spend the entire day there. I’ve been there during every season and it’s always beautiful.

    Love your pictures! Looks like you definitely did DC right :-)

  • You missed Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate- it’s wonderful! I also love the Botanical Gardens; it is right by my office, so sometimes I walk over at lunch for a quick stroll through! Also, sooooo many wineries are fun to visit! Glad you enjoyed my city! :)

  • I’m glad to hear your DC trip was properly jam-packed :) that’s so exciting that you were mere feet away from Michelle Obama! (I love that woman!) I love love love DC. I visited last year and didn’t want to leave. The Newseum was my favorite but I want to see the MLK memorial for my next visit.

  • Wow you guys did a lot! Holy cow. There is so much to see in DC, I forgot. And yes, crab and any fish is better on the east coast :) So glad you guys had fun!

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  • I reallllly want to visit DC someday soon. I haven’t visited too many U.S. cities (I KNOW!) but DC is high on my list to visit. Looks like such a fun trip – yay!

  • I was in DC/Alexandria for work in August.I didn’t get to sightsee much but it was so weird to have so many states so close together. :)

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  • I’m realizing how silly it is that I’ve never done a White House tour. I’ve lived in Northern Virginia, and I’ve lived two hours south of DC for the past 9 or so years and yet STILL, I’ve only driven past the White House…

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