A wee bit of Hollywood shenanigans.

by katelin on October 2, 2012

So Hollywood stuff. There’s lots of it. And this will my last for a while since I won’t be posting on our trip and once I get back it’s probably all I’ll want to talk about so hopefully this will tide you all over for a bit. And here we go.

Starting out this week’s cuteness we have Alicia Keys and her son Egypt looking oh so content and happy in Londontown. Seriously I cannot wait to see more of this little guy he’s just too precious.
 In other adorableness we have Jessica Alba and little Honor rocking out some super trendy vests and just a cute look all around. Sort of heart them together a whole lot.

In some other baby news, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinz Jr. welcomed a little boy to their family last week, congrats!…Drew Barrymore welcomed her first child, a daughter named Olive, last week, wee!…my volleyball icon Kerri Walsh announced she found out she was pregnant during the Olympics with her third baby, congrats to the super athletic family!…Mark McGrath married this longtime (18 years!) girlfriend, even more congrats…Anne Hathaway also tied the knot over the weekend wearing a very dramatic design…In some incredibly depressing news, former SOA actor Johnny Lewis murdered a beloved woman before killing himself. The story is just bizarre and sad and Kurt Sutter wasn’t surprised which is even more sad and oy….LMFAO has broken up and decided to go their separate ways, in case you cared…Jessica Chastain (who’s becoming one of my favorites) looks fabulous in this month’s Crash magazine (no idea what that is but she looks lovely).

In some favoriteness…
Jen Garner is just the most adorable person ever, especially when she’s frazzled and talking to Ellen. Seriously this interview killed me with it’s cuteness.

Also, another Jen that’s awesome, Jen Lawrence and this mashup of some of her best interviews. Seriously I want to get a drink with this girl.

The Gos. Always nice to look at. And Rooney Mara is one lucky lady.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Magic Mike? Basically one of the best things SNL has ever given us.

In today’s movie news…
Seth MacFarlane has been announced as the host of  my favorite TV event, The Academy Awards. I’m curious to see how he’ll do and hope there’s a musical number at least!

42. The Jackie Robinson movie. Looks amazing. Seriously I cannot wait for this.

Sons of Anarchy. SWEET FREAKING MERCY. I mean. I’m still in shock. Opie is gone and it was one horrific death. I even had to leave the room I couldn’t take it. I figured it out halfway through the episode but that didn’t mean I cried any less, because MY GOODNESS. I loved Kurt Sutter’s reasoning behind it all and just, oy. Jax is going to be so dark his best friend is gone and ah, I LOVED OPE. And still that scene flashes through my head. Just. All of it. Oh my this show and my emotions.

Dexter.  Talk about an ending. Deb knows he’s a serial killer now! And what a twist and just Dex, how could you be so sloppy? And just ah! SO MANY THINGS.

Homeland. This show. Apparently I only watch high intensity shows because my freaking goodness. Carrie in Beruit and Brody’s wife finding out he’s Muslim and just, is he good, is he bad!? I have no idea! Do any of us know!?

Once Upon a Time. Somehow I haven’t been able to watch this yet but I do love the string of new promo photos released for the show. Seriously so cute and just so excited for this.

How I Met Your Mother. I’ve only watched the premiere and so far, I’m not sure. It’s weird to jump around so so much but I got most of it. I also loved the sleep deprived Lily and Marshall, too funny and too cute.

Grey’s Anatomy. Oh Shonda, you tear at the heartstrings. A lot. McSteamy you will be very missed and please tell me Arizona won’t be super bitter forever and ever. But oh, this show.

Glee. I’ve watched three episodes and I’m not totally on board. I love Kurt but I find myself just not caring and not really listening to the songs, so I think it might be time that New Directions and I part ways, ce la vie.

Lastly in today’s WTFness we have the forever going saga of KStew and RPatz. I mean I care, but I don’t care and then I end up caring. I still don’t get the faux cheating or cheating and now back together, oy. Who knows?


Anyhoo,  a very happy birthday to my movie twin Courtney! Hope you have a fabulous day friend!


So anything I missed? Can you believe all this craziness? And cuteness and just oh hey Hollywood.



happy tuesday!

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