A little bit birthday, a little bit Nintendo & a little bit like the end of Summer.

by katelin on September 24, 2012

Weekends are always too short. I mean right? Why do they fly by so fast? It’s just not fair. At least we make them fun. And by we I mean I and hope you have good weekends as well.

Friday: Matt worked late and I came home to the dinner of champions, a giant glass of wine and popcorn. Seriously, exactly what I needed. My night consisted of relaxing and TV watching until my aunt invited Matt and I to the bar near our house. I mean we had to go, so we went and Matt played pool and we caught up with my aunts and uncles and had lots of drinks and just a fun night all around.

Saturday: Got up nice and early to make our way to my cousin’s daughter’s second birthday party. And yes let me just tell you know my baby fever was upped a few notches.

I mean how cute is that birthday girl? But really the whole afternoon was fun drinking sangria with family and catching up and playing with cute kidlets. Just loverly.

After the birthday party I hurried on up to Hollywood for a fabulous Nintendo WiiU event. After running late I frantically got to the meet up and the first face I saw was Ashley of Ashalah and it was just so exciting to finally meet her after reading her blog for so many years. The event itself was to try out the new WiiU and you guys, it’s so fun! I mean yes Wii things are fun so of course the WiiU would be awesome. We played Just Dance 4 (my favorite!) and watched an awesome karaoke rendition of “Party Rock” on the new song game and just yes, so fun. It was so lovely too to catch up and eat snowcones and take silly pictures with Ashley and Michelle.


After the event we got to hang out at a fabulous cocktail (seriously, margaritas, yum) party at Pink Taco and just, so lovely. It was nice to catch up with Janet and re-meet Rachelle and talk about Nintendo and life and just so fun.

After an awesome evening of Nintendo I came home to Matt playing on our Wii. So naturally I joined in and we played some frisbee golf and super bowling and just so fun. Also, super exciting times over here, ha.

Sunday: A fabulous day of sleeping in, spending too much at the grocery store, not spending too much at Target (a personal win), watching Jane Eyre (oh the Fassbender), reading and just, a lovely day to myself. The evening was spent having dinner with my family which was nice and watching The Emmy’s (but really, I’m still mad Sons of Anarchy was completely snubbed) and oohing and aaahing and cheering for Homeland and just yes, the perfect end to a weekend.


And how was your weekend?


 happy monday!


*Nintendo sponsored the awesome WiiU evening and I’m a very Nintendo Enthused person but all opinions and recap stuff is my own*

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