by katelin on September 20, 2012

Ten years ago when I was applying to colleges I got pretty good at filling out the standard information request forms. I knew my Social Security Number by heart (finally), I knew my birthday, my address, my parents’ names, everything. All of my practical information. However, one thing I never knew how to fill out was that tricky little box for Race.

My mother is white and my father is black. And thus, I am mixed, a biracial baby, mulatto, mochachino, chocolate vanilla swirl, whatever you’d like to call me.

When it came to college forms there was no option for “Biracial” it was either “African-American/Black”, “Caucasian/White” or “Other.” I struggled with this. I mean, why couldn’t I just check off two boxes? Why was it Must Check ONE? Didn’t they know I identified as both. I was both. I am both.

Apparently not.

So when it came to it, on my college applications I checked off the box for “African-American/Black.” Teachers pointed out that it would help me stand out more, they also said I should go off of my father’s race. So I did. And that was that.

Yesterday I filled out a survey online and when they asked for Race/Ethnicity my options looked strangely familiar, “African-American/Black”, “Caucasian/White” or “Other.” There was no “Check all that apply” or “Mixed races”, simply another PICK ONE! YOU ARE ONLY ONE! scenario.

However, this time, I chose “Other.”

I’m not just white. And I am not just black. I am very equally BOTH.

I am a proud biracial woman.

And one day I hope that’s an option everyone will be able to choose.

I mean our president is biracial for cripes sake. How is this not a  standard thing these days? How are we still limiting each other to single boxes of race, single options, single everything?


The world is changing, races are changing and I only wish that our society would acknowledge it.





happy thursday!

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