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by katelin on September 19, 2012

Oh hey there Hollywood. How’s it going? Got some goodies for me I hope? You do! Superb. Let’s go.

Starting out this week’s cute we have my favoritest Mommy & me duo, Violet and Jen. Jen and Violet. Out and about at the farmer’s market and just being the cutest. Love it.

Also bringing some adorableness we have Sarah Michelle Gellar and little Charlotte on their way to school. And seriously, they’re just so cute. Can’t wait for another little bebe to join that family.
 In other bebe news, a little Lachey was born. Nick and Vanessa welcomed little Camden John to the world last week (& the countdown to his magazine cover begins….)….Shaun White apparently parties a little too hard…Mindy Kaling makes an excellent Marge Simpson…Amanda Bynes is one disaster after another…You’ll be able to spot Blake Lively’s wedding ring from space…Prince William and Kate Middleton may be in the middle of a naked picture disaster but they’re still having lots of fun in Asia, seriously they are the cutest.

In some favoriteness…
Josh & Diane! Where have you two been hiding lately? But really, could you be any freaking cuter??

Britney Spears & Gangnam Style. The end.

In movie news…
Lincoln. Has a trailer. And I’m slightly curious.

Hunger Games. Catching Fire has started filming, hurrah.

The Toronto Film Festival has wrapped up and EW has put together the 10 film that have the most Oscar potential. So clearly I want to see every single one of these movies.

In TV talk… (spoilers ahead)
 Also 20 things you might not know about SOA.

Downton Abbey. I finally watched and finished Season Two (just in time for the Emmy’s on Sunday!) and oh how I love this show. Also how weird am I that I can go from gabbing about SOA and then flip to Downton? Seriously my taste in television could not be more random. Anyhoozits, Season two. So. Much. Scandal. And Mr. Bates! Ah! In prison! Matthew & Lady Mary, together! Sybil, married & pregnant! Just so much goodness. Also, I can finally watch (and keep watching) trailers for Season Three (which has already started airing in the UK – those lucky Brits).

Once Upon a Time. Is coming back soon and there is magic in Storybrooke! What will happen!? In the meantime I love this poster. Although can we get Emma a new jacket soon?

Top Model. So I haven’t watched any of this season (although I keep hearing I should watch at least on episode) but a past crazy contestant, Jael, came out on Dr. Phil and revealed she has a serious meth addiction and just, oh boy.

Glee. I still haven’t seen last season’s finale and the premiere has been sitting in our DVR. If I don’t watch it by this weekend then chances are I just won’t be staying with the kids of New Direction this year.

Friday Night Lights. Oh you know, just that show that EVERYONE loved and watched five years ago. Netflix has the whole season on Instant and I watched the pilot episode Monday night. Even though I predicted where the episode was headed it didn’t mean tears weren’t shed. Because Matt came home and I was basically sobbing. So yeah, I’ll slowly but surely be watching this one when I have time (we’re also still watching the West Wing intermittently and basically I over commit myself to things/shows/life, ha).


Lastly in WTFness we have a man with giant biceps. Like outrageously large biceps. And I don’t understand why anyone would do that but Dlisted has it right, Popeye oh Popeye.


happy wednesday!

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