731 Days.

by katelin on August 28, 2012

Two years later and I still find myself looking at our wedding pictures, getting misty as I rewatch parts of our ceremony and generally embracing anyone that talks about our wedding with open arms.

Two years later and I’m just as happy that I was when I married you, my bestest friend.

Two years later and I still accidentally sign my maiden name.

Two years later and every time I hear “Dynamite” I still think of our reception kicking off and the ridiculous dance party that followed.

Two years later and I still giggle when our dads call me “Mrs. B.”

I don’t know what the next two years or ten years or twenty years will bring us but I’m just happy I get to have them with you.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to us and to many many more lovely years together!


happy tuesday!

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  • AJ

    Happy anniversary to two great people! Just another thing to celebrate when you’re here in a month and a half!

  • Congrats on the anniversary. I love it. And thanks for all your insight in helping me plan my wedding. It is greatly appreciated!

  • Happy anniversary!

  • Awwww, happy anniversary! Wow, time is flying!

  • YAY happy anniversary! :-)

  • Happy anniversary!

  • AWWWW Happy Anniversary! You two are adorable, honestly! Look at you guys!

  • No, I did not just cry while reading this.Ok, maybe I did. A little. You two are such an awesome and amazing couple, an inspiration and just so much fun to be around! Love you both and wishing you many more years of happiness =)

  • Lynn

    Haaaappppy Anniversary!! Enjoy celebrating this one and many many more to come :)

  • You guys are just the cutest. Happy anniversary!

  • Zoe

    Well that was the cutest post of all time. Love you guys!

  • Aww happy anniversary! You guys are too cute!

  • This is soooo sweet! Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary!

  • Seriously, this is so sweet. Happy Anniversary!!

  • Awwww, happy anniversary! Here’s to many more *cheers*

  • Happy Anniversary you two love birds!

  • Happy anniversary to you both! You guys are amazing and here’s to many more years of love and wedded bliss!

  • Happy anniversary! I seriously cannot believe it’s been TWO YEARS! :O It seems like a year ago, if that. Wow. Time flies!

  • Happy anniversary!! I feels like I was *JUST* reading your wedding recap and excited pre-wedding tweets :)

  • Wow, two years already?! Congratulations to you two!!!

  • a few days late, but happy anniversary to you and the mister! hope it was a wonderful day!

  • Congratulations! I cannot believe it has been two years later. It only took me approximately four years until I got used to signing my “new” name. Now signing my maiden name seems weird.

  • You have the most beautiful wedding photos! Congrats and hope you had a lovely time celebrating 2 years :)

  • I LOVE these photographs. What a beautiful wedding this must have been! LOVE IT!

    I hope you both had a beautiful anniversary. Congratulations.

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