That one time I joined SAMCRO.

by katelin on August 27, 2012

Or we could title this “OHMYGOD I MET CHARLIE (JAX TELLER) HUNNAM!” or “That one time we all pretended to belong at a biker rally” or “The most random yet awesome weekend ever.” All of those would suffice for the amazing weekend I just had.

Friday: A lazy night in in preperation for a busy weekend. Basically there was pizza and wine and a movie involved. And it was perfection.

Saturday: Started my weekend right with a fabulous girls’ brunch with Nicole, Drea and Sara and really, I love girls’ brunch. It’s the best. And they indulge my random stories and we all get tasty food and basically a win for everyone.

The rest of the day was spent at Michaela’s parents’ house while Matt and the gang had their Fantasy Football draft and I went swimming with the kidlets. Really it was the perfect combination, they do football things and I get some sun and play with kidlets. Once football was over the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent lounging and hanging out and watching Sons of Anarchy (oh yes, I’ve brought on some new fans alright).

Sunday: Further known as THE BEST DAY.

Matt and I got an early start on the day with a Foody Field Trip of Pasadena courtesy of a Groupon my sister gave us for Christmas. It was pretty interesting actually, got to try some places we’d never been and some that we had and experienced all sorts of food (Argentinean, Peruvian, English and a few others I can’t remember) and just the way to start the day.

After a few hours of trying food we headed home quickly and changed and were on our way! We picked up my brother-in-law, Ryan and Michaela and her sister Kaitlin and we all made our way to Hollywood for the Boot Ride & Rally – aka the SONS OF ANARCHY BEST EVENT EVER.

Basically we had no idea what to expect but the whole day exceeded our expectations. We arrived and it was full of people that actually looked like they rode motorcycles and were in actual clubs and just, yes. We couldn’t have been more out of place but it was okay, clearly we were fans and other people were too.

Before we knew it we heard some screaming and cameras going off and I went to investigate. And who was there perusing the carpet and talking to fans – JAX TELLER! CHARLIE FREAKING HUNNAM. So yes of course we went as close as we could get and eventually I GOT MY PICTURE WITH HIM. And you guys, he was so nice and so friendly talking to everyone and even said a quick thanks. And was totally awesome when I asked if he’d take a picture with me. I mean, YES. Oh? The picture, you want to see it???

So yeah, that happened and it was awesome. And it basically was a foreshadow of how freaking great the whole afternoon would end up being. Kaitlin and I basically kept our ground right by the red carpet entrance so we got to see everybody and I mean EVERYBODY from the show who walked in. We got our pictures with some and got to hear them chatting and see how much they really are all friends in real life and just, ah. Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get to some more awesome pictures!

So as you can see yes, almost the whole cast was there and we got to hang out with them. And it was magical. Only a few of the guys didn’t come chat and that’s okay it was a crazy day and I was sort of bummed Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter didn’t make it out, but seeing everyone else DEFINITELY made up for it. Despite the heat we hung out a while and chatted it up with each other and other fans and the stars and just, you guys, I can’t even get over how awesome it was.

Matt, Ryan and Michaela had a great spot by the exit too so we got to see lots of the guys take off on their bikes, which was pretty badass. I mean, I should just join a club already? Ha.
So yeah, I know most of you don’t watch this show and are probably like “Oh Katelin, you and your obsessions” but thanks for getting this far and for getting that this (like many of my other BIG celebrity encounters) is a BIG FREAKING DEAL


Also, Hi Matt, I love you a whole lot, even if I swoon over biker boys, ha.

BAsically after we met everyone we stayed to hear the band play for a bit before calling it quits and heading on home. I mean, we just hung with the SOA guys so you know, that’s awesome.

The rest of the night was spent hanging out at Michaela’s parents house, watching more SOA and relaxing and the perfect way to wrap up such a kick ass afternoon.

And how was your weekend? Any celebrity encounters? Or ridiculous freakouts only you would appreciate?

happy monday!

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