Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say.

by katelin on August 23, 2012

[inspired by my BFF Jen’s hilarious post]


  • That’s too much cheese for one meal.
  • Oh let me clean the bathroom please.
  • Of course I’ll drive.
  • More zucchini please.
  • I have a really busy day tomorrow so I should probably go to bed now.
  • I think I’ll watch just ONE episode of Sons of Anarchy tonight.
  • Keanu Reeves should probably stop making movies, I won’t watch them anyways.
  • I just love political ads.
  • A port-a-potty? Yes!
  • Let’s go climb an actual mountain, or a rock wall.
  • I wish I could wear pants all of the time.
  • I wish my alarm clock would go off even earlier.
  • Beer or wine? I’ll take a beer please.
  • Ohmygod weddings are the worst.
  • Sunday nights are the best!
  • Naps are for losers.



What won’t you be saying any time soon (or ever)?


happy thursday!

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