Those goals revisited.

by katelin on August 3, 2012

Oh hey remember when I made goals and was actually doing them?

Awesome right.

Yeah so let’s actually see what those were.

  • Read 45 books. So far I’ve read 29 books so I’m right on track to hitting my mark and hopefully passing it.
  • Focus on making myself happy before everyone else. I’ve struggled with this a bit. But I have had plenty of “me time” and days off to myself where all I do is what I want to and it has been glorious.
  • Work out. Um. Gah. I still walk at the Rose Bowl twice a week but an actual regime, getting to thank, stat.
  • Find more reasons to wear red lipstick. Also tutus. Yes and Yes. Red lipstick has become a thing and pretty sure all I wore at BiSC were tutus, so I’m doing well there.
  • Watch at least 5 Movies from 1001 Movies to See before you die. And done. I’ve watched: Annie Hall, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Maltese Falcon, Kramer vs. Kramer and Some Like It Hot. I want to add more this year because apparently there are a lot of classics I just haven’t seen yet!
  • Take a big trip or buy a house. Coming Up! Seriously I am counting down until our big East Coast trip. There’s still lots to plan but I AM SO EXCITED.
  • Send at least 10 “just because” cards or gifts (or both!) to friends without telling them. I haven’t been really keeping count but I’ve sent out a few cards and cookies and fun gifts to friends and it’s just so nice to send little surprises.
  • Re-tag/organize/categorize the blog. It’s seriously tagged all over the place since I made the switch. Oy. I need a functioning computer and internet and then spend a whole weekend doing this.
  • Try a new recipe every month. I think I’ve been doing this? I’ve been baking and trying new things so yeah, I’ll just say I’m doing well.
  • Take a leap. Try something, anything new this year. Well Yeah I took a pretty big freaking leap. I mean I had to drop out of the Color Run but then I ended up literally jumping into a trapeze. Sweet hell.



So yeah, the rest of my year should basically just be: watch movies, read books, send people fun gifts and work the eff out. Sounds like a plan to me.


Did you make any new year’s goals or resolutions? How are you doing? Slacking? Winning? Eh, what are goals?


happy weekend!

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  • lots of fun things you’ve already accomplished and still lots more fun things to look forward to!

    I need to check in on my list, although I have been kicking some book butt…I’ve already read 45 books this year. and off the top of my head? that appears to be my most major accomplishment this year, ha.

  • You’re doing so well!! I love your goals. Especially the wearing tutus and red lipstick one. Priorities! :)

  • Have you read “Gone Girl?” I’m reading it now and hooked!

  • I bet you have sent 10 cards! I know I’ve been the recipient of one and let me tell you, it made my day :)

    I’m still in awe of you doing the trapeze stuff!

    Oh, and if you figure out a way to recategorize and tag your blog that’s efficient and etc. please share!? Mine is kind of a mess these days…

  • Woot! You rock, girl!


  • Oh my gosh, that photo is just so awesome. I really want to print my blog, but I have so much reformatting to do from its first couple of years in existence… ugh. I got started on it earlier this year, then burned out and haven’t done anything with it since.

  • Lynn

    Love the idea of the random cards/gifts! I think I’m going to have to steal this goal and make it my own. Thanks for sharing it :)

  • Freakin’ trapeze!? AWESOME!! :)

  • You’re doing great! I’m sorry but it makes me smile when I think about your trapeze experience because mine was the same. SO GLAD we’re together on this. And we can help keep each other in check in putting ourselves first sometimes, I struggle w/that too!

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