A Charming Day in Hollywoodland.

by katelin on July 18, 2012

So when I posted that I’d have a Hollywood post yesterday I really meant today because you know, things happen, yet Hollywood keeps on trekking.

Starting off this week’s cuteness we have Samuel Affleck making his grand debut. I mean the whole Garner-Affleck clan is always just so cute and adding little Samuel makes them even cuter, eeee. Also I just adore how patriotic they were for the 4th, they’re just the best.
Also super cute, seeing Jason Segel out on a stroll with girlfriend, Michelle William’ and daughter Matilda Ledger. I mean. I adore this. And them. And everything. Just as much as Suri does.
 In other baby news, everyone is pregnant again! Camilla Alves (Mrs. Matthew McConaughey) is expecting their third sufer bebe, baby number two is on the way for Cam Ciganet and his lady love, congrats!, Claire Danes and husband Hugh Dancy are expecting their first child together (I wonder if that’ll be worked into Homeland, I so hope not), it was revealed that Anna Paquin is pregnant with twins (double the vampire trouble?) and Sienna Miller is officially a new mom to daughter Marlow!..in some non-baby things, love this selection of older actors in their sexy primeMy Life Through Kristen Wiig is the latest tumblr to make me laugh… Michael Clarke Duncan suffered a heart attack over the weekend and luckily his girlfriend Omarosa (yes, THAT Omarosa) saved his life! He’s still hospitalized, so fingers crossed he recovers okay…EW has a great break down of all things Comic-Con…and Kate Beckinsale looks divine in the latest Allure magazine, seriously, she’s fabulous:
 In some favoriteness…
Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks mighty dapper in the latest GQ (despite the controversy that followed with their lame cover story). Seriously, can he always wear a suit? It’s just the best on him.

Christian Bale looked healthy and handsome at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises (eeee is it Saturday yet so I can see this movie!?) with his lovely wife. Now if only he’d do another musical, a girl can dream right?

In movie news…
Hunger Games. Following suit of Harry Potter and Twilight, the final HG book, Mockingjay will officially be split into two movies. Jenna Malone has been cast as Joanna and Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been cast as Plutarch, both casting choices I can stand by.

Twilight. The cast of Breaking Dawn Part II attended Comic-Con and oh the goodies that came out of that one. I mean we have a “family photo” and oh this movie. Also, can we discuss what Letters to Twilight brought up, a fight scene? The what? Explain yourself Bill Condon. Also. The cast posters. Oh man. No words. Just: HAIR.
 Oz The Great and Powerful. So I may not be the biggest James Franco fan (seriously, he sort of bugs me), but this trailer has me intrigued. Although really, when can we get the movie version of Wicked?!?

 Magic Mike. A sequel. Is supposedly in the works and Sara said it best, going to an actual strip club is all the sequel that movie needs.

Finding Nemo 2. Apparently Pixar is enjoying their success with most sequels and keeping at it. Can’t say I’m too excited about this one, but then again Pixar hasn’t let me down yet.

In TV scoop…
 So. Lots of things. Exciting things. OHMYGOD things really. Okay let’s break it down.
One. Despite Clay becoming such a horrible person by the end of last season, Ron Perlman is all sorts of awesome and fulfilled a kid’s dream to hang out with HellBoy and it is ADORABLE.
Two. Joel McHale joins the cast for a multi-episode arc and basically who’s coming next? This is just the season of random guest stars.
Four. A breakdown of the season to come.
And Five. The Poster. I mean. YES. SO GOOD.
Homeland. Next season will apparently start several months after the finale. And the big question is whether or not Carrie gets her memory back and ah, so much suspense.

Once Upon a Time.  Has cast Mulan and Sleeping Beauty for next season and oh how I adore this show (even if Mulan is a tweet stealer). I’m so excited to see where it goes next.


Lastly in today’s WTF we have the world’s most expensive dog wedding. And just. No words. Just BARK. I mean BARF. I mean give me your $158,000 you ridiculous people.


And that is what I call a whole lot of Hollywood shiz.


happy wednesday! 

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  • i can’t even handle how handsome JGL is or how stunningly beautiful that little girl playing the twilight kid is.

  • Jason and Michelle are seriously adorable….

  • my brother forwarded me that Oz trailer- between that and Malificent – i’m sooo excited. (Yes, the 8 year old me still loves all things Oz and Sleeping Beauty.)

  • OHMYJOSEPHGORDONLEVITT. He is beautiful. That is all. :D

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