A Hollywood Jubilee.

by katelin on June 5, 2012

Another Hollywood post? An actual one a week later? Go me! Hurrah!

Starting off this week’s cuteness we have Chris Hemsworth (it’s almost impossible to say/type his name without saying/writing SWOON right after) holding his brand new baby daughter, India. Seriously, if this picture doesn’t melt your heart I honestly do not know what else will.
 Also bringing some cuteness this week is Miranda Kerr en route to somewhere fabulous with her adorable stripe-loving son Flynn. Seriously this little guy is just too cute for words.

In other Hollywood news Beyonce and Jay Z are taking little Blue everywhere but not showing her face, is something wrong there?… Drew Barrymore is a married woman! Congrats Drew!…Jason Alexander made a gay joke last week and I think wrote the best apology letter ever yesterday, so props to him for admitting his mistake…in some sad news, Kathyrn Joosten (most notably from Desperate Housewives & The West Wing) passed away on Sunday… Andy Samberg is joining Kristen Wiig and officially not returning to SNL in the Fall, oh I will miss those Digital Shorts…Elizabeth Banks was officially the luckiest woman at the MTV Movie Awards, I mean, did you see this?…and Kate Middleton looked absolutely stunning in red at the Queen’s Jubilee celebration, seriously I want her stylist.

In some favoriteness…
Instead of heading to the MTV Movie Awards, RPatz was making his way to Toronto and rocking his signature shades and a lovely smile on his face.

Christian Bale, JGL and Gary Oldman presented at the MTV Movie awards and man if that isn’t one dashing trio.

In some movie news…
Iron Man 3. Has already started filming and apparently we get a new Iron Man in the movie? Iron Patriot? I guess I can’ t question this since all of my comic book knowledge comes from the movie versions, ha. Also love this pic of all the suits lined up, so cool. But ah, hope this one is as good as the last two!

Lay the Favourite. I have absolutely no idea what this movie is about or if it will even be good, but Joshua Jackson is in it so there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll be seeing it in theaters.

The Bourne Legacy. Okay this new trailer has me SOLD. I love the Bourne movies and even without Mr. Damon this one looks like it has some serious potential.

In TV news…*spoilers*
Top Model. This season was kind of eh overall. I wasn’t a fan of Kelly Cutrone (at least Andre Leon Talley was entertaining!), the constant “I grew up in a rough neighborhood” by a few of the girls got annoying and the country rivalry was just kind of weird. Overall though I was glad Sophie won. I was sort of rooting for her and her constantly changing pink hair for most of the show. I also love that she has a Tumblr and is so active, hopefully she’ll actually have a career outside of ANTM. Also weird snippet from the finale – why did Alisha come back?? She quit the show! Not only that, she came back cocky and then messed up in the runway show! I’m just so confused.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Or shall we say, my new favorite show of the summer? Yes I admit, I watch Toddlers & Tiaras (I even record it) and when I heard about this show and past contestant Alana I knew I’d be hooked. I mean just read the breakdown and tell me this doesn’t look like TV gold. It’s like three shows in one: Toddlers & Tiaras, Extreme Couponing and 16 & Pregnant. TV magic I say.

Sons of Anarchy. You guys. Let’s just take a moment of silence for Jax’s hair. It’s gone and I am in mourning.
Okay I’m back. Season Four. Is not messing around. I’ve had many a frantic texts with Jen asking her things and discussing how I think Clay’s word means nothing this season. Although I’m slightly annoyed with the race card this season and how somehow I missed that SAMCRO isn’t a fan of black people. I mean what? How did I miss that? Nonetheless, I’ll keep on watching. Obviously.  Basically I’m still invested addicted obsessed with this show and I hope it never stops. Well my heart probably does, but whatever I can deal. Ah.


Lastly in WTFness we have Kathie Lee Gifford. Can I have her job already? I mean I would at least do some research before interviewing someone. While interviewing Martin Short, Kathie Lee continued to ask him about his wife – who has been dead for a year and a half – talk about AWKWARD. Martin Short was a class act and didn’t even correct her, but really. Come on now.


Anything big I missed?


happy tuesday!

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  • Jenn

    I am a huge Sons of Anarchy fan and there were so many things in season four that made me want to stop watching but I can’t help myself. Some of my favorite characters are gone or betrayed me, and yes, I take it personally. I really hope season five is just as addicting!

  • I heard a rumor (on my morning radio show) that Beyonce is pregnant again. Please research and discuss.


  • Ok seriously Chris Hemsworth needs to stop being so damn good looking. It’s painful. But in a good way obviously. Swoooon.

  • totally agree on KMiddy. I’m hardly the only one, but yes, her closet could be mine, and I wouldn’t mind!

  • What the crap? I totally didn’t know Drew Barrymore was pregnant.

  • hollywood! what, what.

    chris hemsworth is so stinking adorable. like his hulkiness, and his slight awkwardness and his accent…they kill me. and now that he’s a daddy? ugh. total swoon!

    kate middleton is such a class act. the girl does no wrong in my eyes.

    how about miley and liam getting engaged? i hope they stay grounded. i like them. separately and together.

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