Hollywood looks better in a ball gown.

by katelin on May 30, 2012

So Hollywood keeps doing things and I’m still paying attention but just not writing about it as much it seems like because it’s a lot and it’s almost summertime, so this bi-monthly thing may become to new norm. So excuse me if I share some “old” news, but it’s Hollywood news nonetheless. Anyhoozit, ready for the scoop? Let’s do it:

Babies! Are everywhere. And are still uber cute. Ask Jillian Michaels, she went from no babies to TWO babies! And they’re both pretty adorable.

Also bringing the cuteness is Natalie Portman at the park with her son Aleph over the weekend. Seriously he’s just so happy and I love that little hat on him, too cute.

In other Hollywood news, former American Idol contestants Ace Young and Diana Degarmo got engaged on the finale this year, too cute! (I met them both last year and they’re both so nice!)…Jim Parsons officially came out as gay (not really surprised there) but the biggest news is that the man is 39, seriously what face creams is he using!?…The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song is one of the best ever and it makes me happy to see Will Smith singing it again…also great TV, Kristen Wiig on SNL and sadly she has departed and her send off was so sweet and I so got teary eyed…want to see Robert Downey Jr.’s first movie role? Check out this awesome mashup highlighting some of today’s biggest stars in their very first roles…Reese Witherspoon looked absolutely divine at Cannes with Matthew McConaghuey by her side:

In some favoriteness…
If you ever wondered what the guys of NKOTB would look like with a stache, wonder no more:
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson were all over Cannes and seriously they are just the cutest. Josh even bought Diane a $45,000 necklace! Are wedding bells coming soon? Maybe? Perhaps? Eeee adore them.

In today’s Twilightness
We have character posters for Breaking Dawn Part 2. I have to admit I don’t really remember the rest of the book and what happens besides Bella and Edward getting it on and being parents to a freaky child. So yeah, the new character posters at least look pretty great.

Kristen Stewart is also making the rounds for Snow White & The Huntsman (cannot wait!) and I adore her photo spread with Charlize Theron. And her makeup and outfit at the last premiere? Lovely

In other movie news…
Anchorman 2. Has a most ridiculous teaser trailer but oh I did giggle.

The Dark Knight Rises. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE. But in news, there is a new Catwoman poster and I lurve it.

In some TV news…
Sons of Anarchy. I have finished Season 3 and SWEET MERCY. Just. Wow. So intense and I’m pretty sure my heart is still racing. I’ll probably start Season 4 soon but I’m mentally preparing myself for Jax Teller with short hair (say it isn’t so) and prepping my heart for more ridiculous action and intensity.

Criminal Minds.Talk about another intense show, holy moly. The season finale was SO GOOD. And I was constantly yelling at the TV and closing my eyes and gasping and yeah, good television right there.

Glee. Well I said I’d quit this show and then I didn’t so I’m still sort of watching. I watched the Nationals episode and I will admit it made me a little teary and most of their song choices were pretty great. But um, how is Quinn basically dancing already? I’m so confused. Also, wasn’t a fan of the “celeb” judges, just wasn’t that funny to me. As for the actual season finale: I couldn’t tell you. My DVR decided to be a brat and didn’t record it. I pretty much read what happens though so I guess I’m not missing much?

Grey’s Anatomy.When I wasn’t screaming WHAT THE EFF?! I was probably sobbing. I mean even if you don’t watch Grey’s you probably heard about this finale. It’s what Shonda Rhimes always does well, finales. Although this one just left me sort of mouth agape trying to piece it all together. I mean Lexie is gone and Mark or Arizona could die and Teddy is gone and what the hell is happening at Seattle Grace and how are any of those people functioning human beings let alone doctors!?

The Mentalist. Another intense finale where I was trying to figure out what Jane was up to the whole time and then Wayneright was down and Red John and ah! Next season has so much potential.

Dexter. September 30th is already marked in my calendar for the season premiere (same with Homeland, ah!) and this mini teaser trailer is just so exciting.


Lastly in today’s WTFness Clint Eastwood’s wife and daughters have a reality show which is weird enough on its own, but apparently one of his daughter’s decided it would be considered art to totally wreck a $100,000 Birkin bag. I mean. To each their own but still, what a waste of money.


Anything I missed?


happy wednesday!

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  • Reese Witherspoon is always perfection…love, love, love that woman’s style.

    I wonder what a Grey’s season finale would look like without a major disaster? fingers crossed that happens next year.

    and as for that eastwood daughter and the birkin? since I happened to catch that episode on monday (I have The Shame), the daughter didn’t even want to destroy it – her photographer boyfriend asked her to do so. she even carried it around a few days because she was upset that it would have to be destroyed. but as for the show as a whole? RIDICULOUS.

  • I just got THE BIGGEST shivers watching that Dexter clip. I CAN’T EFFING WAIT! Good Lord I adore Michael C. Hall!! And Grey’s Anatomy had me in the EXACT same way. Why the hell would they kill of Lexie?! She was one of the best up and coming doctors on that show. I don’t even KNOW what will happen for next season OMG. I just need more Grey’s right now!

    Also, Jillian is so cute!

    Love these re-caps, as always!

  • I was annoyed with Grey’s Anatomy, especially how it ends with only Owen knowing what happened. I thought it would at least end with everyone finding out about the crash. Soooo pissed about Lexi. Not happy.

  • Love all the juicy news but JIM PARSON IS 39?! What the what??

  • Kristin Wiig’s send off was seriously the sweetest/saddest. That finale was one of the best I’ve seen from them. Also, Jim Parsons is 39? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

  • I mean, will we ever tire of talking about SOA? I hope not. It’s the best.

    And NKOTB. They are just way too awesome, even with ‘staches. I will never forget you crying when they came on stage, haha.

  • Jillian’s kids are ADORABLE! And when I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises I freaked out. SO EXCITED FOR THAT MOVIE!!

  • oh edward cullen. he looks dreamy in that poster.

    i want a josh and diane wedding. badly. and i want to be invited. how do you think that can happen?

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