Wino Wednesday the Twenty Fourth.

Well. It’s Wednesday. So let’s talk about wine. Or rather I’ll drink some wine and write this post at the same time, multitasking is my secret specialty really.

This week’s Wino Wednesday is brought to us by Bridesmaid Wines:

And if the name doesn’t say enough, here’s a little about Bridesmaid Wines:

Cloaked in mystery and unable to divulge secrets, Bridesmaid Wines are serious wines for bona fide wine drinkers. Just like her namesake and inspiration, Bridesmaid Wines are available, alluring, important and very sexy. Bridesmaid is a joint project created by friends, Pam Starr and Drew Neiman, two of Napa Valley’s premier winemakers. Before starting Bridesmaid and Crocker & Starr Wines, Pam was the consulting winemaker for Gemstone and the winemaker for Spottswoode. Drew established Neiman Cellars in 1997 and has done stints at Newton, Kongsgaard, and Chateau Boswell. The wine inside these bottles was originally earmarked for far more expensive bottlings. Drawing upon their extensive blending talents, Pam and Drew create two Bordeaux-style wines from some of the most revered Napa Valley vineyards whose sources are known only to them. These are winemaker’s wines to please the most discriminating palates, delivering $100+ value for a fraction of the investment, making them ideal for everyday enjoyment by winemakers, connoisseurs and wine collectors.

Bridesmaid Wines sent me one of their red blends as well as one of their whites and they did not disapoint.
 Matt and I first tried the white with dinner last week and it was perfect. It made me think of summer since it was so crisp and so light and perfect to have with a light meal and to keep on drinking after the meal. I also loved that I could sort of taste the light peaches in it and just a melony bite overall. Matt just enjoyed it because it wasn’t too sweet, despite the melony tastes to it. He doesn’t really do sweet whereas I love it. So this one was a perfect medium for both of us.
Last night I made myself a ridiculous salad and decided it’d be a great time to try out the red blend. I would usually have a white wine with salad but the red was a nice surprise. It was very berry flavored and quite delicious. So delicious that half a bottle later, I wasn’t even tired, ha. But yes, the red was a great with and post dinner wine and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, it passed the popcorn test. As in it tasted delicious with a batch of popcorn as well, and for me that’s a good thing.

Seriously I’m so excited that I keep finding reds that I enjoy when it took me so long to get here. So thank you Bridesmaid Wines for helping on my red wine journey and for giving me another white wine to adore.


With that, I highly recommend checking out Bridesmaid Wines, you can order directly from their website. I mean how could you not love something with a wedding connection, weddings are the bestest! And it doesn’t hurt that both wines are absolutely delicious as well.



And check Bridesmaid Wines out on Facebook.


happy wednesday!


*Bridesmaid Wines sent me both wines because they are awesome. I wasn’t compensated in any way and all wino thoughts are my own.*