It’s a sheer day in Hollywood.

by katelin on May 16, 2012

Since yesterday was fake Monday, today is fake Tuesday but with real Hollywood news. So here we go:

Starting out with some serious cuteness we have Orlando Bloom and his adorably mismatched son Flynn enjoying a day on the beach. Seriously I don’t know who dressed this kid in all these stripes but it doesn’t take away from his preciousness.
 In other cuteness, Tony Star…er Robert Downey Jr. released a precious picture of his wife and their new son Exton and my goodness I can barely handle the adorableness.

In other bebe news, Jessica Simpson finally gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell and now I’m pretty sure it’s all we’re going to hear from her for a long time, but congrats nonetheless…Simon Helberg and his wife welcomed their first child, Adeline, congrats! Bazinga! No really, congrats…in non-bebe news, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato officially joined the judging panel of X-Factor! I still won’t be watching but that should be interesting…The famous Kodak theater is getting a new name since Kodak is going broke, at least Dolby theater has a decent ring to it…I love these 14 pictures of 14 famous people doing things you wouldn’t think they’d do…and even though I can’t decide about Men In Black III, I will say that Will and Josh Brolin look like guys I’d want to hang out with or swoon over, either or:

In some favoriteness…
Chris Meloni. Eliot Stabler forever in our hearts. But now he’s a vampire on a show I don’t watch and I almost want to get HBO just to see him on my TV screen again.

Joshua Jackson is friends with January Jones and holding her baby, Xander and Suri Cruise is totally envious.

The cast of Snow White & The Huntsman are some of my favorites. Like I can’t wait for this movie and Chris Hemsworth is swoony and KStew is Bella so clearly I have to sort of adore her and Charlize seems like she could be a bitch or just super awesome. In any case, this picture of the trio on the promotion trail is just ridiculous and hilarious and a whole lot of ummmmwhysomuchsheer?

In movie news...
The Gangster Squad. Ryan Gosling. In a fedora. And possibly shirtless again. Yes. Please.

The Dark Knight. ALL OF THE YES IN THE WORLD! This trailer literally gave me chills. Cannot wait for this.

The Avengers. Oh how I enjoyed this movie just so much (Thor, swoonfest). If the movie was made in 1978 it would probably still be bad ass. If it was made when the stars were in high school, well that’s a different story. Also, did you know Sam Jackson has made the highest grossing actor ever? Like Guiness World Record even? Impressive Nick Fury, impressive.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Looks so sweet and adorable and has my favorite Hollywood mom, Jen Garner.

Argo. Ben Affleck’s newest project. So intense. So dramatic. So good.

In TV news…(spoilers ahead)
The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, I LOVE this show. And I love Amy Farrah Fowler and how much she was excited to be a maid-of-honor and that she wore her infamous Tiara. The whole finale was just precious, especially with everyone holding hands at the end, I might have gotten a little teary.

How I Met Your Mother. I’ve always loved this show. But sadly I did not love this finale. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part and Lily’s chaotic delivery (& the Lily’s in Labor site) and little Marvin. Seeing all of them with the little guy was just wonderful.

Once Upon a Time. This was my favorite new show of the year and one of the only ones I really stuck with (not counting Homeland since I plowed through that whole show in two days, oh memories) and I was sort of sad to see the finale only because it meant my love of fairy tales wouldn’t be on TV for months! For shame! In any case, I’m glad something actually happened in this finale. Emma became a believer adn then everything else happened in warp speed to save Henry and transform the storyland part. Also, it’s quite obvious that the creators of Lost have something to do with this show since the episode ended with a plume of smoke (similar to some smoke monster, I don’t actually know since I didn’t watch Lost – I just hear things).

Grey’s Anatomy. What. The. Actual. Eff. Okay I get the whole episode about the boards and I knew someone was going to fail and I sort of thought April all along because man, she is having a rough time. Sex with Jesse Williams should not be that traumatizing Kepner, keep it together! So let’s fast forward to the end. Where, speaking of Kepner I thought she was going to commit suicide because nothing was going her way and shew as just so all over the place. But then than seems so very unChristian. Instead Shonda crashed a freaking plane with so many favorites on board. Stop this ish. Stop it. Too many freaking disasters in this show. Someone is going to die on the finale and it better not be Derek is all I have to say. I know the episode will leave a lot up in the air (especially with doctors going to different hospitals) since contracts were in negotiations when it was filmed but really, let’s hope it’s a good one.

Glee. Eh. I’m still watching. Somehow. I don’t love it any more but I keep watching. I’m hoping the finale isn’t too crazy of a cheesy overload. It’s sad because the cheesiness that I used to love about it just isn’t the same any more. Although I will say that I was glad the kids wore long dresses to their prom because seriously that short dress ish needs to stop. Prom = long dresses.

Lastly in today’s WTFness we have Lisa Turtle. I mean did you see this? What the eff happened? She’s like a horrible mess mixed with Lil Kim and it’s just creepy. Also I met her once when I was a kid and she was not very nice. So I don’t feel bad about her freakish new look, eek.


happy day after tuesday!

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  • Have you seen this ? Can’t decide wether it would be a good idea or just a desperate mess…
    I loved the HIMYM cliffhanger-finale – so rooting for that relationship.

  • Oh goodness Orlando and his baby… SO CUTE! And holy Avengers. Just saw it last night, so good!!!! Holy Thor Biceps is all I have to say.

  • I totally agree about the HIMYM finale being underwhelming. I missed Big Bang Theory…in fact I’m still sort of catching up with all of the reruns they play every day and have yet to actually catch a CURRENT episode but that’s what Hulu’s for :) Also, LOVE Once Upon a Time…also loved that there was some resolution, but holy purple smoke what? Magic is coming to the real world? I don’t know about that.

    I’m super excited for tonight because REVENGE is my favorite new show and holy cow it’s SO good.

  • That Suri post cracked me up!! Cannot wait to ‘suri’s burn book’ when it comes out! And yes- SO EXCITED for Revenge.. but so sad the season is ending next week

  • The Suri Burn Book entry about the photo with Josh was so hilarious. I love her. Also, Kodak Theater is changing names?? CRAZY!

  • I’m totally #TeamRDJ after seeing The Avengers and that is an adorable picture of his baby.

    Oh, Glee. This entire season has been horrible and I wish next week’s finale was the series finale. but of course, I’ll be watching when it returns next season, haha.

  • I find Kristen Stewart to be the most annoying actress ever in the history of the ever and Charlize Theron to be brilliant. I still feel like I have to see Snow White & The Huntsman, but I’m totally unsure of whether or not Kristen Stewart will ruin it for me.

    And HIMYM – I just watched the finale last night and I got to say I saw it coming. It’s still a little weird though and I agree the first part was better than the second part.

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