A full moon in Hollywood.

by katelin on May 1, 2012

Hey Hollyweird, so nice to see you again. Enough of the small talk let’s get down to business.

Bringing some seriously cuteness we have James Van Der Beek having a sit down meal with his daughter Olivia. I mean seriously, this cuteness is too much.

Also bringing some serious cutes we have my favorite ladies, the Affleck-Garners on a stroll to Violet’s dance class. And I mean, stop this. So cute. Also, when do we get to see wittle Samuel??
 In other baby news, Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl have adopted another daughter, congrats!…Maggie Gyenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard also welcomed another daughter as well last week, Gloria Ray, congrats to the happy family of four…moms-to-be Anna Paquin and Reese Witherspoon both looked divine at the White House dinner over the weekend…also, a mom-to-be? Sarah Michelle Gellar! Seriously, her and Freddie Prinze Jr. are pretty dang cute, congrats to the happy parents… Patrick Dempsey is a legit hero…And Mark Wahlberg looks pretty good in just an apron…Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are very much a couple, so much that they even babysit little ones in NYC together, presh…apparently every “celebrity” ever was invited to the White Correspondent’s dinner and seriously, I’m a little jealous I didn’t go. I mean it just looked so fun and everyone looked so divine. And I love that one of my new faves Ginnifer Goodwin wore a fabulous dress that was only $299 and from my favorite store, H&M:
 In some favoritenesss
Chris Hemsworth. Makes getting into a cab look good.

Apparently Sandra Bullock has a new man in her life. Not sure if it’s legit but if so, how lovely. Although really, her and Ryan Reynolds or even Keanu? Yes. That would be magical.

In movie news
Magic Mike
anyone? I mean shirtless Channing Tatum? Why not.

The Avengers. Has a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this is a good thing. Also, somehow I never knew that Joss Whedon (the writer/director) also wrote the original Buffy movie and SPEED (my all-time favorite movie!), so basically I adore the man now.

In TV news
Top Model. Tyra, we might have to break up. This season is okay, if not a little too crazy, but whatever. That’s not what I’m here to talk about today. Today I’m talking about the fact that Nigel, Mr. Jay and Miss J are gone from the show. Um. Excuse me. I know you’re the star but they are some of the best parts of the show (I mean Miss J is a gem). I’m just not sure I can continue to watch without them, the end of an era, truly.

Grey’s Anatomy. This show. Oh. This show.

Sons of Anarchy. Still on season three and still yelling profusely at my TV. Oh man I love this show.

Lastly in WTFness we have a magic moon at a baseball game. Basically this isn’t so much WTF as LOL (did I actually just use LOL??). But really, priceless.


Anything big I missed?


happy tuesday! 

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  • Anything with a shirtless Channing Tatum is good, I agree wholeheartedly.

  • i love hollywood talk! and ugh, i’ve been the biggest slacker with keeping myself updated on your blog…homework for this week: catch up on all things katelin! psh, shame on me.

    that dress ginnifer goodwin is wearing…GORG! and seriouslyyy…james van der beek? age did dawson leery so so so SO well. i loved hearing about that patrick dempsey story-saw it on the news…cracked up, kind of. and sarah michelle and freddie prinze…can’t even take it. i wish they weren’t so hidden-i want to see more of them on the regular!

  • The JVDB picture is pretty damn cute. I mean, seriously. And the Magic Mike trailer looks awesome! I will be bringing $1 bills to the screening. And the Met ball is May 7, FASHION PORN AHEAD

  • I’m behind on ANTM, but I did see the news about Nigel, Mr. Jay and Miss J and it makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. The article I read said it’s about ratings, but I absolutely don’t understand how getting rid of them could help that, unless she’s got some MAJOR stars in her back pocket to add to the mix…

  • magic mike- i saw a clip of this , not sure the plot will be spectacular, but i’d be down to see it all for him. clearly they know how to cast for an audience. Speed- classic. i agree, def up there as one of my faves. but only speed #1. and lastly- i love that you do this. I have been so busy I haven’t had time to go on perez in probably like 8 months or something. Crazy, right? So I get most my hollywood gossip from twitter and you! thanks for keepin’ me up to speed on hollywood chatter!

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