My heart will go on Hollywood.

by katelin on April 17, 2012

Oh. Hello Hollywood. Don’t you look nice today. It’s definitely been a while but I’m back with all sorts of Hollywood scoop and stories and let’s get to it already.

Bringing the cuteness we have new mom Hilary Duff with husband Mike and little baby Luca. I mean he’s just a little thing but the picture is pretty precious.
 Also bringing cuteness we have an adorably pregnant Reese Witherspoon with her daughter Ava looking quite lovely for Spring.

In other Hollywood news…the biggest news of last week, Brad and Angelina are actually officially engaged, whoa. Congrats!…Anne Hathaway has a drastic new hairdo, not sure how I feel about it, but whatever you have to do for a role I suppose…for some reason I LOVE this picture set of celebs with cameras, so artsy….Amanda Bynes is trying to take over for Lindsay Lohan in the crazy, young, used-to-be-relevant, crazy party girl role and so far it’s gotten her a DUI and I can only foresee more problems, oy…Beyonce has a tumblr and even though it’s so self centered, I am so intrigued and quite fascinated…Kirk Cameron is sort of a nut job lately and child star celebrities are speaking out about it (so funny)…Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen look like quite the dashing pair on the cover of W and seriously, I love it:

In some favoriteness…
Titanic 3D.
Somehow I still haven’t seen it but this girl did and this recap is awesome. And Kate Winslet looked just lovely at the London premiere.

Joshua Jackson is on Twitter. I mean. HELLO. Best news.

Dear Ryan Gosling, stop being so Ryan Gosling. You’re setting the bar pretty high. Basically I could have written this letter, ha.

Also, other Ryan. Reynolds. Way to bring the newsboy cap back. And bring it back right. Swoon.

In some movie news…
Hunger Games. Gary Ross is out for the sequel. Blergh. Just blergh.

However Jennifer Lawrence is keeping busy giving awesome interviews to Rolling Stone (seriously, I want to be friends with her), sharing her Oscar nomination day picture and making movies with Bradley Cooper, swoon.
 The Avengers. Had their LA premiere and just yes. Cannot wait for this movie and not just because Chris Hemsworth as Thor is swoony.

Anchorman 2. Is happening. I know this is old news, but it is THE BEST news.

In some TV news…
Sons of Anarchy. I mean. Obsessed. Yes, yes I am. I’m about halfway through season 3 and the whole time I’ve been alternating between”WHAT THE!?” “OMG” and “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” All in the best way of course. And Jen continues to receive frantic emails/texts requesting spoilers because I cannot actually wait to know, my emotions are on edge. I need help. Yes.

How I Met Your Mother. Aw we met the daughter and Ted’s actually married, there really is a mother. The show is actually moving forward. Hurrah. Also, I adore this show. Even if I whine, I adore it.

Lastly in today’s WTF ness we have Jose Canseco who is apparently just a little bit off his rocker and should be banned from Twitter like so many celebrities these days.


happy tuesday! 

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  • Lynn

    I am SO pumped about HIMYM! I definitely let out a big “aww” when Ted stepped out with his daughter. About time we meet the mom. I mean, c’mon!

  • i’m the same way with you and HIMYM, i whine cause i want it to move on, but then i’ll be so sad when it’s all over – it’s a catch 22!

  • How did I miss Hilary’s entire pregnancy? Dang, I’m out of the Hollywood loop! What a cute little nugget she has. So presh.

  • I loved this post, so interesting.

  • Catching up on HIMYM now, so I’m glad to hear it will be GOOD! :) Also Ava is like a Mini-Reese!

  • Ryan Gosling is one of my favorites, I think in part because of all the photos and links you have shared of/about him =)

  • Oh, Amanda Bynes. How sad. This is why Hilary will always be my favorite.

  • Heather

    My thought at the end of HIMYM was since it’s 2030 when’s he’s talking to his kids in the voice over parts and his daughter appears to be about 15, he’d have to have had her in 2015, so that was perfect, the lead up of the whole concept, every 3 years they would watch the trilogy…it being 2012 now.

  • As soon as the music started when I saw Titanic, I started tearing up. It brought back all the memories and it was just so wonderful to see it again in theaters, especially in 3D.

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