A weekend of simple things.

by katelin on April 16, 2012

Oy. So weekend. Went a little something something like this.

Friday: Dinner at my sister-in-law’s family house. Consume too much wine. Eat too many potatoes. Laugh. Cry. Emotional things. Eat more potatoes. Drink more wine. We’ll be okay. Goodnight.

Saturday: No hangover! Hurrah! A breakfast feast from Matt. A Son’s of Anarchy afternoon for me (obsessed much?). A productive apartment cleaning day.A Mexican fiesta dinner with family. Rum runner, margaritas and tacos = a happy Katelin. A competitive Wii Bowling tournament (girl’s win, of course) with silly picture attempts:
Laughs. Drinks. A venture to the local dive bar. Lovely night for all.

Sunday: A miracle, no hangover again! Lazy day. Movie watching, Sim playing, sweats wearing. Lovely. Dinner with in-laws. Lovely chats. Emotional things. More wine. More laughs. Goodnight.


I mean, a pretty low key weekend. But tiring and exhausting at the same time, can someone please explain that. Also I’d like to give a shout out to the liver that didn’t fail me this weekend. At almost 28 I was pretty positive I’d be useless the rest of the weekend, but alas I prevailed, hurrah!


And how was your weekend? Any SOA watching yet or wine drinking or relaxing things?


happy monday!

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