The magic that is Towel Time.

by katelin on April 13, 2012

So here’s a little something about me that you just might not know (unless you’ve lived with me): I LOVE sitting in my towel after I shower. I mean, I LOVE IT. I pretty much can’t function without what I deem as “Towel Time.”

Every day my morning schedule goes a little something like this: wake up drowsy and/or exhausted. go directly to the shower. get out of the shower and into my towel. stay in my towel while I enjoy a bowl of cereal and some Today Show. eventually realize clothes are necessary before leaving the house and I’m on my way.

The best part of that whole thing is by far Towel Time. I don’t know when I actually started doing it (probably in high school) but it really became a thing, a trademark of mine even, in college. I could seriously sit in my towel for HOURS. I think my record was actually like six hours or something of just me and my towel (and my underwear of course, don’t want to give an accidental show, haha) enjoying an SVU marathon. Like some people would actually walk in and out of our room and I’d hang out, totally cool in my towel.

I can’t really explain it, but sitting around lounging in my towel just calms me. It totally relaxes me and gets me ready for my day, my afternoon, my whatever.

So. Sometime this weekend or during your weekday or the next time you have an extra twenty minutes or so to spare I highly recommend taking the time to just sit in your towel. Enjoy some morning coffee or an afternoon TV show, whatever it is you do do it with a towel on and your day will get just a little bit better, I guarantee it (okay guarantee is a strong word, I highly support it and its effects, ha).

Enjoy and happy towel timing!


happy weekend! 

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