Every Birthday deserves a wishlist.

by katelin on March 30, 2012

Ah! It’s almost my birthday! Well technically it’s still three and half weeks away but whatever. 28 is nothing all that exciting, but it’s my birthday so it’s exciting to me, weee! And with that I present this year’s birthday wishlist:

Eeeee. THIS. I want like 10 of these! No I have no idea what I’d do with 10, but still. SO CUTE. (found via Young House Love – seriously adore that blog, although it gives me house owning and work-from-home envy like whoa)
And how could I not want this? Seriously, it’s so pretty and the infinity and yeah. I adore it.


And because I like to envision myself as a person that would require pretty casserole dishes, you know. Normal things.

And not that we have any wall space left in our apartment, I think this would look super cute somewhere (maybe the bathroom?).
No I don’t actually know where I would put this either, but I’ve always wanted a globe. I love traveling, I dream of traveling and having this would just make my love a little more visual, ha.

And lastly, can someone please make this for me?? I mean birthday cake popcorn – we were meant to be together.



So yes. I love random things with lots of yellows and I love lists and I love birthdays and happy almost almost my birthday!


happy weekend!

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  • http://Wrightingonsand.com Bella

    Hey 28 is special! Every birthday is :) (I’ll be 28 in 6 months).

    Those are some nice wishes…. I want the popcorn for my niece, I think she’d go crazy over it!!!!

    Have a good day.

  • http://simplyvalorie.blogspot.com Valorie

    Uhhh, yes! Everyone deserves a birthday wish list! I’m going to make one this year (you know, in July).

    Also, if you like the idea of birthday cake popcorn, maybe you’ll like birthday cake oreo brownies. I mean, c’mon. It’s got three different desserts in the name. Where do you go wrong? http://www.lovefromtheoven.com/2012/02/26/birthday-cake-oreo-brownies-happy-birthday-oreo/

  • http://engagedtobengaged.blogspot.com brandi

    EEE I have those dishes! i love them!!

    yay for birthday lists!


  • http://www.justrealhappy.wordpress.com justrealhappy

    Happy almost birthday! That popcorn looks awesome!

  • http://walkingwithnora.com Nora

    Birthday cake popcorn? YUM. I think we definitely need to make that no matter what, birthday or not =)

    Also, the infinity necklace, I highly recommend it. Knight got me a similar one for Christmas and I adore it. It will be part of my wedding day jewelry as it fits perfectly with the neckline of my dress.

  • http://www.fearlesscaptivations.com Anita

    Happy birthday to you! I love this wishlist, especially the elephant box and dishes. Oh and the bracelet, and globe and popcorn. Basically, the whole thing. Hooray for birthdays! :)

  • http://www.larissamarks.com Larissa

    Everypne should own a pretty casserole dish!

  • http://www.sunshineandpotatoes.com Grace

    I love your list! Everything is so cute!! I hope you get some of these surprises on your birthday.

  • http://parkhouselove.com Christine

    That little elephant box is pretty darn cute. If you had 10 of them it would be pretty darn cute x 10. A little elephant box herd, if you will. Also, birthday cake popcorn? HOW AM I ONLY HEARING ABOUT SUCH A WONDROUS THING NOW?

  • http://www.itsahero.com/ Rachel

    Ahhh! 28! I’ll be there soon, too! LOVE the bracelet! Hope your 28th birthday is everything you want and more!! ;)

  • http://www.shopsarahmac.com Sarah McManus

    I adore the elephant box! I want that too!

  • http://www.growingupginsburg.com christa

    yum yum, bday cake popcorn!!

  • http://www.myeverydayadventures.com Jessica

    Birthday cake popcorn? WHAT? I want it! and I love that necklace, it would look gorgeous on you.

  • http://terra-bear.com terra

    Happy birthday month!! Everyone has to be nice to you since it’s your birthday month!!

    And I’m a huge Young House Love fan. They’re locals and one time I saw them at a craft fair but totally clammed up and couldn’t muster the nerve to go say hi. They seem like rock stars to me.

  • http://www.jqlounge.com Julie Q

    ADORE the infinity bracelet!! And I love how every one of my favs birthdays is in April (except for mine unfortunately) but hey, one’s gotta have a reason to enjoy July too ;)

  • http://superduperfantastic.com/ suki

    Happy birthday month! That infinity – love it. My favorite # is 8 b/c if you turn it sideways, it’s infinity. ;)

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