Whoa, Hollywood, whoa.

by katelin on March 27, 2012

Hi Hollywood, how’s it going? Apparently everyone is having babies. And excellent movies are coming out. So there’s that.

Bringing some major cuteness is new mom Jennifer Garner with little Violet, presh!
 Also bringing so much cuteness is Heidi Klum and her adorable brood checking stuff out at the Grove.
 In other baby news, Charlize Theron adopted a son (congrats!), Tori Spelling revealed that she’s pregnant with her fourth kid (congrats to the quickly expanding family – she just had her daughter in October!), Hillary Duff welcomed a son Luca Cruz Comrie (congrats Lizzy Maguire!), Reese Witherspoon is maybe pregnant (maybe congrats?) and James Van Der Beek and his wife welcomed a son (congrats from the Creek)! Whew. So many babies. In other non-baby news, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are divorcing after 11 years of marriage, although it looks like things are staying amicable (even if she is getting an oddly timed reality show)…however in more lovey dovey news, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are just the cutest being caught on a Kiss Cam and William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman received adjoining stars on the walk of fame, presh…Queen Elizabeth was a sort of wedding crasher, rather she attended a wedding to a couple that invited her on a whim, talk about a crazy guest appearance…Old Navy aired a new commercial that’s a total throwback to Blossom and I adore it…and Michael Fassbender attended something the Jameson Empire Awards and man would I love to party with him:
 In some favoriteness…
Chris Hemsworth looks good even in a letterman jacket. And although just the preview to Cabin in the Woods freaks me out, this picture does not. Swoon.

 Sam Worthington has been doing interviews to promote Wrath of the Titans and despite the HORRIBLE mullet-hair he has in it I’ll still see it, also, love this interview with HuffPo.

Uggie! He’s just the hardest working dog in Hollywood (even if he is retired).

In some movie news…
HUNGER GAMES. Eeeee. Yes I plan on seeing it again. And yes I have things to share. One. There were some changes from the book as to be expected and I love this breakdown. Two. Sometimes I can’t stand people, especially people that were upset about casting simply because of race, grow up. Three. Catching Fire is already set and ready to go, huzzah! This was my favorite of the series so I can’t wait to see how this goes. Four. Beanie Babies Hunger Games. (Thanks Jess!) and Five. Loved this dress in the movie (and let’s be honest I loved Caesar too!)
Twilight. Oh Breaking Dawn, I have so many feelings about you. In any case, we got a new super teaser trailer this weekend and yes. Watch for yourself and let me know what you think.

Jurassic Park. Is coming back to a theater near you in 3D (of course)! Rawr!

Bill & Ted. A new one is very much in the works, hurrah! Keanu. Heart you.

In TV news...
Sons of Anarchy. Well. I get it now. I watched ELEVEN episodes in one day. That’s a new record (of awesome or ashamedness I can’t really decide). I finished season one over the weekend and basically thank goodness Netflix has all the seasons on demand. Also, Charlie Hunnam totally does not deter my watching, he is rather swoony.
Top Model. Well. I missed the first episode but so far I’m all caught up on this bizarre season of Brits vs. Americans. And eh. I like it. Don’t love it. Kelly Cutrone is sort of just an uber bitch judge and not really all that funny like most of her predecessors (just don’t tell her I said that!) Also, everyone is having a freak out. It’s bizarre. And eh, hopefully this season picks up because so far I’m pretty neutral about it.

Desperate Housewives. Haven’t heard mention that one in a while huh? Yeah well I quit watching this year because it was between them and Dexter and Dex won. So I basically know nothing of the last season which is odd. However I do know that they killed Mike Delphino and thank goodness I wasn’t watching because I definitely would have thrown things, I loved Mike. He was the best!

Downton Abbey. Another show that I’m only one season in. But oh how I like it. And oh how I want to dress fancy ALL OF THE TIME now. Seriously, give me some jewels and some frills and I’ll be set. And the Dowager? Such a bad ass. Love her.

The Big Bang Theory. I mean. How can you not LOVE this picture???

Can’t wait for this episode to air. Also, check out this fabulous BBT Tumblr for some serious laughs.

Lastly in today’s WTFnes Lourdes (Madonna’s daughter) is fifteen and smoking. Apparently she’s really trying to grow up fast. Because ew. Hopefully she’ll stop it with that and realize she’s only fifteen.


So anything I missed? Anything big?


happy tuesday!

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  • I have mixed feelings about that Blossom Old Navy ad. It’s just….an odd mixture of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and desperation.

    and, of course, HUNGER GAMES. I totally forgot about them leaving out the loss of Peeta’s leg in the movie! kind of a major absence or maybe not since I just realized it when I read some online article.

  • I love Beanie Baby Hunger Games. Someone is very creative. Also, I could NOT recognize Chris in Cabin in the Woods, but the reviews on it are awesome. Cannot wait!

  • OMG now we can be even more like sisters because yes, Sons of Anarchy. LOVE. And Charlie is adorable. I have missed out on the last two seasons of the show so I’m totally going to netflix them now. thanks for the head’s up. This show makes me want to go all rogue though, which sometimes is a good thing, other times not so much :)

  • 11 episodes in 1 day? Consider yourself welcomed into the JQ + Tough Guy Prestigious Club of Television Excellence

  • Laura

    Thank for the pic of Michael Fassbender… OMG…. Love him!

    Saw the Hunger Games last night and must say… They did a great job adapting it to the big screen! I cannot wait for the next 2!!!

  • Sons of Anarchy. Swoon. The end.

  • Why does it seem like everyone EVERYWHERE is pregnant?! LOL

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