by katelin on March 23, 2012

First of all, thank you everyone for the comments on my last post. I’m glad it’s picked up a lot more media attention and getting all of the focus it deserves and hopefully Trayvon’s family will be getting justice soon.

In other news. Let’s get giddy.

I meant to do a Hollywood post this week. It just didn’t happen. However, I felt it only appropiate that I do a HUNGER GAMES post today because OHMYGOSHITCOMESOUTTODAY! AS IN SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT! AS IN YAY! AS IN TOO MANY CAPS LOCKED EXCITEMENT! WEEEEE!

Whoa there. Hi again. I got a little overexcited.

And yet, I’m not seeing it until Saturday afternoon. I don’t actually know how I’m going to wait that long, but I am.

And I’m just, ah. So much anticipation and excitement.

And want to know your Hunger Games name? Here you go. And a map of Panem? Awesome. Enjoy.

Are you seeing Hunger Games this weekend? Have you already seen it? Do you have no idea what’s even going on here, haha?


happy Hunger Games weekend everyone!

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  • this week has been flooded with talk of Hunger Games. I have no clue what any of it is about. lol

  • If it makes you feel any better, I have to wait until Sunday NIGHT. I could have seen it Thursday at midnight or tonight, but I don’t have time. I wanted to go every time! lol… I’m so excited, I actually had a dream I went to see it. It’s bad. I CANT WAIT!!

  • i’m going to wait!

  • you always introduce me to the best book series!

  • I don’t have a ticket to see it (I know!!!!) but I’m hoping to see it somehow anyway, Knight just doesn’t know it yet =)

    Also, my hunger names name made me laugh. I was killed in the 30th hunger games and my name is Germander Battlewood. Apparently I can’t keep my lips to myself as I was killed by kissing the wrong person. oops! ;)

  • I am so excited to see it! I am going with friends on Saturday!

  • I’m going this afternoon too!! Squeeeeee!!!!

  • Kiersten

    I made an ID too. I’m a District 1 Perfumer lol quite funny.

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