Lots of Good Clean Fun.

by katelin on March 20, 2012

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Little know fact. I’m a neat freak. Always have been, probably always will. I also sort of love cleaning (WHAT? Who am I!?). I also really love reorganizing, just about everything. It’s a bit unnatural and a bit nerdy, but I love it.

Seriously sometimes I can start putting clothes away after doing laundry and voila! I have taken out all of my clothes and decided that today was the day to resort, reorganize, donate, whatever I could think of. Trust me, this happens on a very regular basis.

And not only do I tend to reorganize or clean up on a regular basis I have my every day habits which go a little something like this:

  • Do the dishes. Put the dishes away. I hate a dirty sink, it drives me bonkers (Seriously let’s make bonkers a thing?)
  • Wipe down the counters nightly. I usually do this while I’m doing dishes but I feel like it always needs to be done. Even with just two of us in the kitchen we always manage to make a mess somehow.
  • Put my pajamas away. It’s the little things really but I like to put my pajamas back in my drawer instead of on our bed in the morning.
  • De-clutter the coffee table. Every day our coffee table accumulates mail or discarded jewelry or an assortment of other oddities. However every night before heading to bed I make sure to clear it off and leave only what’s supposed to be there (and in an almost OCD fashion, whoops!)
  • Resort my nightstand. I always have a plethora of books and other knick knacks next to my bed and every night I condense it and organize it so it looks pretty and not a frazzled mess. I also do this to the end table in our living room because Matt tends to leave all of his things on it. I don’t mind his things everywhere I just want them to be organized and in some sort of order. Hello OCD, I have you.

So you’d think with all of my daily cleaning that I wouldn’t have to do anything else. Sadly that is not the case. Every other weekend or so I do a BIG CLEAN. A big clean meaning vacuum and dust and clean mirrors and basically go over every room. Whether or not we’re having a party or people over it’s nice just to have a clean apartment. And every time we have one of our big cleans I try to make it fun, at least a little bit. And how do I do that?

How do I make cleaning fun? Music.

I mean who doesn’t love dancing while you vacuum? Or singing out loud while you’re dusting the bookshelf? Music makes you forget that you’re dusting and vacuuming but rather you’re on stage or you’re in a ridiculous pop party mosh pit. Seriously, music makes it all better and makes cleaning a whole lot more fun, just don’t forget to turn the volume way up.

Some of my favorite cleaning songs include but aren’t limited to:
“Country Girl” – Luke Bryan
“Love and Memories” – O.A.R.
“Sugar” – Flo Rida
“Love You Like a Love Song” – Selena Gomez
“Put You in a Song” – Keith Urban

Right? A plethora of shake around dance songs perfect for an afternoon of super cleaning.

So what are your daily cleaning habits? Or how do you make cleaning a little less tedious?


happy tuesday!

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  • it’s not that we’re dirty. we’re just full of clutter! :/ we’re working on it though. it’s mostly paper and clothes. so if we have proper ways to deal with them, we’re fine. :)

  • i love your music list!!


  • Right there with you on the music! I’ll create a playlist that’s exactly an hour long and then force myself to clean as much as I can in that amount of time. If I do this once week or so, the house stays pretty clean and it doesn’t seem like such a chore to clean up the place.

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