Irish Adventures & ALL THE CUTENESS.

by katelin on March 19, 2012

So. The weekend. It was pretty swell. The weather decided to not be totally horrible and it was full of friends and family and basically it was just a winner all around.

Friday: Matt and I had planned to have dinner and watch a movie. Instead my cousin Brittany was in town so we went to her parents’ house first where we had ice cream sundaes and hung out with everyone before eventually stealing Britt and going out to dinner in Old Town. That’s right, dessert before dinner and it was glorious. After a so-so dinner we decided to go to another bar nearby where we spent the rest of the night catching up, drinking delicious wine, talking about her new baby (THE CUTEST) and everything in between and it was just lovely.

Saturday: St. Patrick’s Day! Hurrah! As an Irishwoman by association I enjoy this holiday quite a bunch. I also enjoy Irish music. Which is all I wanted to hear that day since I could care less about beer and whiskey really. Once the afternoon hit our friend Pat came over and the three of us headed over to Tam O’Shanter (I mean the name should say it all) for some festivities. As soon as we got there we were greeted with a party tent, an Irish band and the smell of Guiness and Corned Beef. Needless to say we were all excited to be there.

Once the Irish band was done a country band came on (which made NO SENSE) and they were okay for the most part but I was bummed to not hear any more Irish jigs. Nonetheless it was still a great afternoon with no rain and good times. The day got even better when my friend Lindsay and her husband Ethan arrived since I hadn’t seen them in months! They were in town from Ohio and my goodness if out-of-town friends don’t make any occasion better!

After our Irish afternoon we had a pretty tame rest of the evening which was surprisingly nice. We got to catch up and chat and drink wine and enjoy a seafood feast before coming home and watching ridiculous shows on Animal Planet. I mean isn’t that how St. Patty’s Day night is supposed to be spent? All in all it was a great day embracing the Irishness and having a genuinely wonderful day.

Sunday: Let’s just call this “The Day with All of the Babies!” because that’s what it was. And honestly it’s both good and bad for My Fever.┬áBut whatever, back to the point. The point is that my family makes really cute babies. My aunt and uncle had a BBQ at their house so everyone could meet Brittany’s baby Sandy and you guys, I MELTED. I don’t remember the last time I was around a baby so small (she’s only three months old) and so squishy and cute and made me use baby voices unintentionally! I mean look at this face:

Gah! The cute. But really, it was so fun to see Brittany and see the whole family and the baby and did I mention, the baby? She was a bit overwhelmed with so many people and so much noise around but eventually she warmed up a little and was just such a happy giggly baby and my goodness. And did I mention SQUISHY and SOFTY!?

Right? Melting. Whew. Calming down.

And also, not only was that little munchkin there but my cousin Christina brought her daughter Madison who’s a year and a half and just the freaking cutest little lady.

I mean those pony tails? The coat? The face? I die. I really do.

So yes, the afternoon was splendid playing with babies and catching up with family and just loverliness all over.

The rest of the night was spent napping, laughing at Draw Something, watching NCAA and eating an Irish feast with my sister-in-law’s family. Lovely, I say. Minus the part where my allergies attacked me and I was sent to bed at 9, but whatever, details.

The weekend was still a magical one and I’d really like to go back. Please?


And how was your weekend? Any baby talk? Or Irish jigs to teach?



happy monday!

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