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by katelin on March 6, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Hollywood post so bear with me with old news or big news but I need to share these things, I JUST DO OKAY. Sweet thanks, let’s go.

Starting off this week with some babyness we have the announcement that JENNIFER GARNER HAD A BABY BOY: SAMUEL GARNER AFFLECK!!!! I mean, I’m not excited at all. Not even a little bit. Oh wait, I sent my friends an email and texted my sister-in-law because I am that nutty (but in a good way, of course). I also appreciate the emails I got from friends informing me of baby Sam’s birth (seriously, love it). So I expect we meet the little guy in a month or so and eee just so happy for that fam.

Okay so in other cuteness we have Heidi Klum and her kidlets enjoying a sunny day at the beach.
Also adorable is Resse Witherspoons stylish little guy Deacon(who’s not that little but whatever).
In other bebe news, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo are expecting their first kid, congrats you crazy kids! Also potentially expecting a child is Snooki (and the world is ending in 3…2….)…in some kidness, Willow Smith is becoming quite the style switcher, well more like hair color switcher. And I thought red highlights were bold, girl just shaved her head and went green, interesting…rumor has it that Jason Segel and Michelle Williams might be dating and I am so for that pairing….Rupert Grint has gone and bought himself an ice cream truck (now will he serve butterbeer? That is the real question)…I’m not always a fan of Jessica Alba but I will I adore this jeweled dress she wore for Fashion Week, seriously, lovely:

In some favoriteness

Also. George. You always manage to look divine. Brad, take a note from Keanu and cut your freaking hair. Thank you.
My favorite MMC alum Tony Lucca is apparently on The Voice!?! I don’t understand this since I’ve never watched the Voice, but he’s had CDs and I thought an actual contract but I guess not and I guess I need to start watching because eeeeeTony Luca. One day I’ll find that embarrassing photo I took with him at a mall signing of the MMC CD. Seriously, I was a MAJOR fan. ┬áBut really, eeek. Team Tony!

In some movie news…
The Oscar’s. I mean wow those were just soooo long ago right? Well I never did a fashion recap or anything like that but then I read Jess’s post and that about sums up what I felt. So yeah, read that instead. Also, THE ARTIST! WEE!

THE HUNGER GAMES. IT’S COMING OUT SO SOON AND I’M SO EXCITED BUT I STILL DON’T HAVE TICKETS AND THIS IS A LEGITIMATE ISSUE! I mean I know I’m going to see it twice opening weekend I just don’t know when. I can’t do a midnight showing because let’s face it, I’m old. And I like my sleep. And I need to be able to focus on Katniss’ badassery with my full attention. So yes, problems. Need to figure out my Hunger Games schedule. Also, EW has a whole HG section and a new cover that’s HG centric and I need it in my life:

Also. THIS CLIP. WATCH IT and I dare you not to get chills. Eeeeeee.

In TV news
Top Model. Somehow I missed the season premiere. MISSED IT. I’m slacking apparently. But so far I’ve heard “weird” and “interesting” to describe the British invasion of the show. Also next season is apparently college kids and yeah, what is that showing? Quit college, become a model, so simple! Eh. We’ll see.

Criminal Minds. Prentiss is leaving us again, sadface. Also, I’ve very much loved this season’s episodes where they show the team’s personal life and having some fun. Adding some funny to such a crazy dark and twisted show is definitely a good thing.

Once Upon a Time. I am still adoring this show. But part of me is like “THERE ARE SO MANY OPEN PLOTS RIGHT NOW.” I mean between Belle in a crazy house, Cinderella’s prince disappearing, Hansel and Gretel trying to find their dad and where’s Pongo and what about the bottom of the mine!? So MANY THINGS! Also, why is everyone calling Snow White a ho and Charming is totally getting away from criticism, double standards much?

Lastly in today’s WTFness we have Patricia Heaton’s Twitter outburst commenting on the whole Limbaugh/Fluke business (which is a whole other post). Seriously. Some celebrities just need to back away from Twitter, slowly, you can do it now. Just stop okay?



happy tuesday!

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  • I was so thrilled by jennifer garner’s baby news for two reasons: yay that she had a boy and yay that she’s no longer pregnant because I feel like she was preggers for an entire year.

    also Heidi Klum’s little girl is GORGEOUS. well, all of her kids are.

  • Keanu looks so much better clean-shaven (or, at least, ALMOST clean-shaven). I can’t believe that Snooki might be pregnant … Dear Lord. Also — ANTM is SO WEIRD this season, but I can’t stop watching it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • I just saw on people today that Jessie Spano is pregnant! Maybe Zack Morris is the father?

  • You should watch the Voice. It’s oddly addicting. It makes me love Blake and Adam, feel kind of annoyed by Christina and I laugh all the time about CeeLo and his cats. (Just watch and you’ll know what I’m talking about!)

    And yes, Brad Pitt REALLY needs to take the clue from Clooney and cut.his.hair. He looks gross. And he used to be sexy. Sigh.

    Oh, and the Snooki/baby thing? OMG. Lord help us.

  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh – I had no idea that baby Affleck was born and that it was a boy!!! Thank *goodness* I read your blog – keeps me up on all the lovely news!! Aww yay, I love them so much and now they have a boy :)

    I heard about Snooki – I was just hoping it was a horrible hoax, but alas, looks like the world may very well end in 2012…

    and HUNGER GAMES!! My mom got the People special edition (which you would LOVE, many, many pictures and interviews!) and I devoured it and I still don’t have tickets either!! big problem…

  • I was pretty excited to hear the Afflecks had a boy! I cannot wait for pictures. And, I’m super excited for Nick Lachey and Vanessa. After watching the wedding special, I love them!

  • My lovely girlfriend is trying to convince me to read The Hunger Games.

    I am suspicious.

  • If Snookie is pregnant the world really is ending and HUNGER GAMES YAY OH MY GOODNESS I CAN’T WAIT CAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE THE BESTEST THING EVER!!

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