New weekend, new Katelin.

by katelin on March 5, 2012

So this weekend was a lot of new things and a lot of yeah. I don’t even know.

Friday: For some reason I was in a weird funk on Friday afternoon and I told Matt so that by the time I came home on Friday night in all of his cuteness he had set out lots of popcorn and candy, had ordered pizza, poured me a glass of wine and had Twister (one of my favorite guilty pleasures) ready to go. It was perfect. After Twister I decided to change our apartment decorations to St. Patty’s day things and in the process discovered a random sombrero which I then wore for the rest of the night. Afterwards I put on D2: The Mighty Ducks and all was right in the world.

Saturday: Oh hey there errand day. And long dress buying day. Because that’s what it was. I made a quick stop in Old Navy which resulted in this lovely dress and then I made my way to Nordstrom’s and picked up a fancy dress (this one but in a bright blue – also, IM IN LOVE) for a wedding this weekend and then I was spent. I came home and watched Being Elmo (which if you haven’t watched it yet, PLEASE DO) before Matt and I went out with his brothers and my sister-in-law to Dave & Buster’s for a fun night of chit chat, game playing and all that jazz.

Sunday: The day of Katelin changes. I woke up early and went walking with my mom before coming home showering and nervously pacing my apartment. My favorite hair stylist Jenivieve came over and chopped all my hair off, which is you know, super and my normal to-do. I love it. It’s short, it’s cute and so much more fun. After my hair cut I went to a salon and decided that it was the day of finally getting highlights and checking it off of my life list.

I wanted to get red but I was sort of a wuss and didn’t go too bold because I had no idea how it would turn out. Ultimately my hair looks good, just has some red tints and red highlights but it’s not too noticeable. So basically next time I’ll be going brighter and bolder but this was definitely a fun first step.

Right? Sort of there, sort of hard to photograph? Sort of hard to see unless I’m in some better light, but it’s a change, it’s different, I swear. And I sort of love it. Baby steps.

After my adventurous hair day Matt and I went to his mom’s house for too much laundry and a lovely dinner and evening and for once in my life I didn’t detest Sunday night. I rather enjoyed it and almost forgot that the next day meant work.


And how was your weekend? Any random purchases or changes?


happy monday!

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