And the Oscar goes to…The Weekend!

by katelin on February 27, 2012

Oh so hey again freaders, I’m back. After a whirlwind trip to Atlanta and more exhaustion than I actually know what to do with I have an actual desire to sit at my computer and blog again, wee. So, sit back and here we go!

Thursday: Early morning trip to Atlanta and yada yada flight yada adventures and eventually got to have dinner with my fabulous friend Kathleen at Flip Burger where we caught up, we laughed and it was lovely. Even more lovely was that Jenn and Tiffany were able to join us for drinks afterwards. I love when friends can mesh and mesh did we all. We chatted about everything and laughed and drank margaritas and had queso dip and just yes. It made a quick work trip all that much better.

Friday: Delicious Southern breakfast with my coworker Meghan (seriously, GRITS y’all – aren’t I so southern?) before our meeting and then before we knew it we were done. We grabbed some burgers (yes, same place, I ordered something different), some drinks and made the most of our short time in Atlanta. Eventually I made it back to LA sleep deprived and sore and all sorts of ready for the weekend.

Saturday: After sleeping in for a wee bit I made my way to Drea’s house for monthly Girl’s Brunch and it was just perfection. Seriously, so tasty and so lovely and so fun to see Amy, Nicole, Amber, Lanny and Chelsea and have silly girl chat about our middle school selves and TV shows and good things all around.

Eventually Matt picked me up and I made it home with enough time to nap before heading up to my brother-in-law Ryan’s 30th birthday dinner party. And oh what a dinner it was. Michaela made quite the Italian feast of baked ziti and antipasta and garlic bread and just the tasty things. Eventually the birthday boy got his cake and it was a lovely celebration all around:
 Sunday: OSCAR SUNDAY! After I did all of the sleeping I could possibly did, I made this delicious dish (all due to Alexa’s post, mmmmm).

I watched too many hours of Red Carpet and loved reading my Twitter feed, seriously so much snark and awesomeness, much better than E! or ABC that’s for sure. And before I knew it it was showtime. My sister, sister-in-law and Matt all enjoyed my Oscar-time excitement and our ballot tallying and a plethora of popcorn and champagne and goodness all around.

Basically all I can say is YAY THE ARTIST!


And how was your weekend? How was your Oscar watching?


happy monday! 

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  • I live in Europe and stay up till 6am to wath the show (thankfully I have a late shift today) and this year was the first year I saw the whole show. It was not as boring as usual – although I was very dissapointed in what the ladies were wearing – no favorite dress for me.

  • ooooooooooooooooooooo! i’m glad you made the “famous pinterest ham sammies” – what did you think?

    i adore how much your recap posts include food, much like mine, haha.

  • Oh my goodness, I’m so exhausted just reading all of this!! I’m so glad you had such a marvelous weekend :) I have really got to check out The Artist at some point!

  • 1.The Flying Buscuit is SO good! They have the best shrimp and grits!
    2. I’ve been dying to try those sliders! YUMM!
    3. I’ve never ever watched an awards show before. (But from all the hype I reallllly want to see the Artist)

  • haha so true about twitter.. its turning into my blog killer.. its so much more fun to live tweet with everyone during the red carpet!

    Atlanta is a good time! I went back in April a couple years ago and it was 85 degrees out. needless to say I thought that was gggreat

  • Sounds like a fun weekend after a crazy few days! And, that’s the best way to watch the Oscars :)

  • Wow, seems like a fun few days! Sometimes I wish I had that type of life.. my weekend was fun(ish). I got a lot of cleaning done and (boyfriend-time-spending) that needed to be done and organized and to me that is a successful weekend!

  • I loved Billy Crystal as the host, as always. He’s hilarious. I think if they had more of Crystal and less of the actors/actresses presenting it would be even more fun! I can’t wait to see more of the movies that were up for best picture as I was really behind on them, so my Netflix queue is loaded up and I have a list as long as my arm of things to go check out at the theater too.

    Glad you had a good trip to Atlanta!

  • Award shows are so much better with twitter snark!

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